Case Asphalt Paver Specs & Dimensions

Looking for specs and dimensions of CASE asphalt pavers? You’re at the right place. Heavy Haulers specifications database has specs and dimensions of every asphalt paver manufactured by CASE. To find specs and dimensions of any CASE asphalt paver, you can search for the model, manufacturer or industry. Accessibility and workload should be some of the factors to consider before looking at specs and dimensions of CASE asphalt pavers. Without considering your jobsite, you might end up getting a CASE asphalt paver that doesn’t meet your jobsite requirements.

CASE asphalt pavers are used for putting down asphalt on roads, parking lots, bridges and similar spaces. A good asphalt paver should access your jobsite without a problem and get the job done. The cab should be comfortable allowing you to work for long hours without straining. Depending on weight and dimension of a CASE asphalt paver, we recommend the most suitable trailer for transport. In case you decide to get a used CASE asphalt paver, inspect it thoroughly to ensure its performance will meet your needs.

All Case Asphalt Paver Models