Case Hydraulic Excavator Specs & Dimensions

Heavy Haulers specifications database is the right stop for anyone looking for specs and dimensions of CASE hydraulic excavators. We have put together a list of simplified specs and dimensions of every hydraulic excavator manufactured by CASE. This means that at the comfort of your home or office, you’re able to compare specs and dimensions of different CASE hydraulic excavators to those of similar models from other manufacturers until you find the most suitable one. To find specs and dimensions of any CASE hydraulic excavator, you can search for the model, manufacturer or industry. Specs and dimensions of the CASE hydraulic excavator you choose should allow you to work efficiently.

CASE hydraulic excavators are used for moving, excavating, rotating, loading among other functions. Depending on the size and weight of a CASE hydraulic excavator, our specialists are always ready to recommend the most suitable trailer for transport. Specs and dimensions of a good CASE hydraulic excavator should offer you maximum productivity, precision and comfort.

All Case Hydraulic Excavator Models