Caterpillar PR750B Cold Planer Specs

Caterpillar PR750B Height, Length, Width, and More

Heavy Haulers has gathered the specs and dimensions of all models of Caterpillar cold planers and put them together on the specifications database. By searching the model, industry, or manufacturer, you will find the specs and dimensions of the Caterpillar cold planer you’re looking for here. A well-labeled image accompanies overall dimensions to elaborate further. Some of the specs of Caterpillar cold planers include those of the engine, rotary cutter, weights, operations, services refill capacities, and rotor assembly. When you start looking at the specs and dimensions of Caterpillar cold planers, ensure it’s in reference to the requirements of your job site if you’re a buyer.

What Is A Caterpillar Cold Planer Used For?

Caterpillar cold planers are used in removing asphalt. Specs and dimensions of Caterpillar cold planers should rely on accessibility and workload, among other factors regarding your job site. For example, if your workplace is narrow pavements, the dimensions of the Caterpillar cold planer should fit through with ease and get the job done. Heavy Haulers experts will help you choose the best trailer for transport based on the weight and dimensions of your Caterpillar cold planer.

Caterpillar PR750B Cold Planer Specifications:

  • » Operating Length: 54.14 ft in

  • » Shipping Width: 11.73 ft in

  • » Shipping Height: 12.26 ft in

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Caterpillar PR750B Cold Planer
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