Cold Planer Specs and Dimensions

Heavy Haulers provides accurate specs and sizes of cold planers from every manufacturer. This way, you can compare dimensions and specs of different cold planers until you get one that suits your needs. Before choosing a cold planer, it’s important to know how you will use it and what jobs you will use it for. To find specifications and dimensions of a cold planer, you can search for its model, manufacturer or industry. Other considerations to make include productivity, safety, and easy to maintain. The cold planer you choose should be efficient and reliable. If your crew isn’t large, get a cold planer that’s easy to operate and doesn’t need a lot of personnel. When it comes to the size of a cold planer, you need to go for one that meets your job description. For a heavy workload, you need a big cold planer with high horsepower and vice versa. If you want to buy a used cold planer, inspect it thoroughly or find a professional to inspect it for you. This is important in order to ensure you get a productive cold planer. Despite the specs and dimensions of a cold planer fitting your job site, the seller might have ruined its performance due to poor maintenance. Consider the measurements and weight of a cold planer you buy for easy transport. Based on the dimensions and weight of a cold planer, we recommend the best trailers for transport.

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Cold Planer Specs & Dimensions
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All Cold Planer Manufacturers

  • Bitelli
  • Bomag
  • Caterpillar
  • Terex
  • Wirtgen
  • Zoomlion