Disc Specs and Dimensions

We have put together a list of all models of disc specs and dimensions from different manufacturers. This way, it’s easier to do research on the one that fits your soils best by comparing them. Before comparing sizes and specs of discs from different manufacturers, ensure that you know your job site requirements. This will help you choose one that truly meets its needs. Different types of soil require different discs. You wouldn’t want to invest in a disc that’s not compatible with the type of soil found in your farm or any other job environment. To find any disc in our database, you can look for its model, manufacturer or industry. The specs of the disc you end up choosing should offer you efficiency, productivity and reliability among other advantages. The disc dimensions should meet the workload and size of your job site. If your farm is large, the dimensions of the disc you purchase should be big enough for more coverage and vice versa. When planning to invest in a used disc, it’s important to keep in mind that its performance might not be as good as that of a new one. Therefore, it’s important to inspect it before research to ensure that it's well maintained and nothing has been ruined. The weight and dimensions of a disc you purchase should fit on a trailer for easy transport. Our agents suggest the best trailer for transport based on the size and weight of a disc.

Heavy Haulers
Disc Specs & Dimensions
Length x Width x Height x Weight

All Disc Manufacturers

  • AMCO
  • Agco Sunflower
  • Brown Mfg Corp
  • Burch
  • Case IH
  • Ezee-On
  • Krause
  • Kuhn
  • Land Pride
  • Taylor Way