John Deere 244J Integrated Tool Carrier Specs

John Deere 244J Height, Length, Width, and More

Heavy Haulers specifications database is where you can find well detailed specs and dimensions of John Deere integrated tool carriers. We have specs of the engine, operational, transmission, hydraulic system, and bucket. In addition, every model has a photo showing the dimensions of each side.

What Is A John Deere Integrated Tool Carrier Used For?

John Deere integrated tool carriers are versatile due to attachments such as forks, booms, and brooms. A John Deere integrated tool carrier of your choice should offer you maximum efficiency and productivity. Therefore, choose wisely to avoid any inconveniences. Factors such as workload, terrain, and accessibility should help you choose the right equipment for your job site. For example, if it’s a congested job site, choose a small John Deere integrated tool carrier to meet your needs. We recommend the most suitable

John Deere 244J Integrated Tool Carrier Specifications:

  • » Length W/ Bucket On Ground: 17.38 ft in

  • » Width Over Tires: 6.07 ft in

  • » Height To Top Of Cab: 8.95 ft in

  • » Wheelbase: 7.06 ft in

  • » Ground Clearance: 0.97 ft in

  • » Hinge Pin Max Height: 10.54 ft in

  • » Dump Clearance At Max Lift: 8.37 ft in

  • » Max Lift Height: 9.98 ft in

  • » Fork Tine Length: 3.94 ft in

  • » Reach At Max Height And Dump: 3.84 ft in

  • » Length With Out Forks On Ground: 19.05 ft in

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Recommended Trailer:

HotShot Trailer

  • Max Weight: 16000
  • Main Deck Length: 40
  • Well Width: 8.5 FT
  • Legal Height Limit: 10.6

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