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Komatsu H135S Hydraulic Excavator Specs

Need Komatsu H135S Specifications & Dimentions?

If you need specs and dimensions of Komatsu excavators, you need to look no further. Heavy Haulers specifications database has specs and sizes of all models of Komatsu excavators. Therefore, if you’re looking for a Komatsu excavator, you can easily compare specs and dimensions of different models through our database until you find the most suitable one. When looking at the specs and dimensions of Komatsu excavators, ensure that you’re familiar with where it will be used.

What Is a Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator Used For?

When looking for a Komatsu excavator, consider factors such as accessibility, job size and terrain of your jobsite to ensure that you get a good fit. Failure to have assessed your jobsite prior to means you might end up buying a Komatsu excavator that doesn’t meet your work requirements. Komatsu excavators are versatile and provide a muscle for when you need to get a lot done. They’re used for material handling, forestry, debris removal, underground excavation and earthmoving. Komatsu excavators have specs that allow them to save on fuel without compromising on productivity.

Komatsu H135S Hydraulic Excavator Specifications:

  • » Ground Clearance: 2.55 ft in

  • » Height To Top Of Cab: 20.45 ft in

  • » Width To Outside Of Tracks: 16.77 ft in

  • » Length Of Track On Ground: 16.02 ft in

  • » Tail Swing Radius: 16.21 ft in

  • » Removal Counterweight Clearance: 6.32 ft in

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