Liebherr R974B Material Handler Specs

Liebherr R974B Height, Length, Width, and More

Heavy Haulers specifications database has reliable specs and dimensions of Liebherr material handlers. By simply searching for the model, manufacturer or, industry, you will find the specs and dimensions of the Liebherr material handler you need. However, it’s essential to survey your job site before looking for the specs and dimensions of Liebherr material handler equipment. That’s to help you find one that will offer you maximum productivity, efficiency, and comfort. Factors such as accessibility, moving distance, and workload should determine the specs and dimensions of the Liebherr material handler equipment you get.

What Is A Liebherr Material Handler Used For?

Liebherr material handlers are for high and powerlifting. If you decide to buy a used Liebherr material handler, inspect it well before purchasing or find a professional to do it for you. That’s because the used Liebherr equipment might not offer you maximum productivity. It could be due to poor maintenance. In addition, we recommend the best trailer for transport based on the weight and size of a Liebherr material handler. Our specifications database will help you provide reliable information to your potential clients as a seller.

Liebherr R974B Material Handler Specifications:

  • » Ground Clearance: 2.16 ft in

  • » Shipping Length: 54.3 ft in

  • » Undercarriage Width: 11.82 ft in

  • » Shipping Height: 21.33 ft in

  • » Height To Top Of Cab - Fixed Riser: 18.51 ft in

  • » Height To Top Of Cab - Hydraulic Riser Raised: 19.64 ft in

  • » Upperstructure Clearance: 4.89 ft in

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