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When looking at the specs and dimensions of Terex equipment, it should be in reference to your jobsite. If you haven’t assessed your jobsite to know the specs and size of Terex equipment you need, the probability of making a mistake is high. Terrain, type and weight of materials, distance to be moved, accessibility, amount of work to be done and any other key factor are some of the things to consider. With this information, finding a Terex equipment model that fits your job requirements gets easier. When looking for a Terex equipment on our database, you can look up its model, manufacturer or industry. If your work environment is congested for example, you wouldn’t want to get a Terex equipment that’s too large to fit through the spaces. With Heavy Haulers database, you can compare as many Terex equipment with similar models from different manufacturers until you find what you need.

Depending on the type of Terex equipment, some of the specs we offer include detailed information on engine, hydraulic system, transmission, swing mechanism, operational and many more. You will find helpful specs of any Terex equipment you’re looking for. We offer overall dimensions of Terex equipment and those of important components such as undercarriage, bucket and boom options. The size and weight of your Terex equipment should fit on a trailer for transport. Our professional specialists are always ready to suggest the most suitable trailer for transport depending on the weight and size of a Terex equipment.

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