MFWD Tractor Specs and Dimensions

Heavy Haulers provides specs of all makes and models of MFWD tractors. Our database has specs, sizes and weight of MFWD tractors that you can use when planning to buy a new or used one. You can find the MFWD dimensions and specs by looking for their model, manufacturer or industry. When selling new or used MFWD tractors, you can get their accurate sizes and specs to avoid misleading your potential clients. Different manufacturers produce MFWD tractors of different dimensions. You can only know the one you need by comparing different ones in reference to your farm or workplace. When looking at the MFWD tractor specs, take a consideration of your property. The size and workload in your farm should help you choose the suitable MFWD tractor. For a large and busy farm for example, you need to choose an MFWD tractor with high horsepower, lift capacity and large enough to get the work done. If your farm isn’t large and the work is minimal, the size and specs of the MFWD tractor you choose should fit the job site. When buying a used MFWD tractor, keep in mind that the owner might have not taken good care of it. Therefore, after looking at the dimensions and specs of MFWD tractors from our database, you’ll need to thoroughly inspect the used one before purchasing. The length, width, height and weight of the MFWD tractor you buy should be accommodated on a trailer for transport. We recommend the best trailers to haul all models of MFWD tractors.

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MFWD Tractor Specs & Dimensions
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All MFWD Tractor Manufacturers

  • Buhler Versatile
  • Case IH
  • Challenger
  • Ford
  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Massey Ferguson
  • New Holland
  • Yanmar