Motor Scraper Specs and Dimensions

When looking at the specs and dimensions of motor scrapers, you need to find one that will meet your job requirements. With the help of Heavy Haulers specifications database, you can compare specs and sizes of motor scrapers from all manufacturers until you find the right one. To search for any motor scraper on our database, look for its model, manufacturer or industry. The size of the motor scraper you get should be dictated by your job requirements. For congested spaces for example, you would need a smaller motor scraper and vice versa. The last thing you want is to get the wrong size of a motor scraper because it won’t be efficient. Some of the factors to consider about your jobsite include terrain, accessibility, size of job and moving distance. Tough terrains require large and strong motor scrapers with high horsepower and stability. This way, they can get the job done well. Some specs to consider in a motor scraper include comfort, safety, ease of operation, reliability and efficiency. Motor scrapers can be complicated. Therefore, when buying a used one, inspect it thoroughly if you have the experience or get a professional to do it. This way, you’ll be able to confirm if all its components function well and whether it's worth investing in. Ensure the size and weight of the motor scraper you get can fit on a trailer for transport. Depending on weight and dimensions of a motor scraper, our specialists recommend the most suitable trailers.

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Motor Scraper Specs & Dimensions
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