Roadtec RX900 Cold Planer Specs

Roadtec RX900 Height, Length, Width, and More

Heavy Haulers specifications database has specs and dimensions of every cold planer manufactured by Roadtec. You can compare the specs and dimensions of Roadtec cold planers with those of similar models from other manufacturers until you get the most suitable one. It’s good to familiarize yourself with the job site because factors such as accessibility and workload should dictate the specs and dimensions of the Roadtec cold planer you get. A piece of good equipment should be comfortable, easy to operate, and highly productive.

What Is A Roadtec Cold Planer Used For?

Roadtec cold planers are used for texturing pavements to achieve skid resistance, repairing asphalt and concrete potholes, and removing traffic lane stripes and roadway manholes. We recommend the best trailer for transport based on the size and weight of a Roadtec cold planer. As a buyer, take your time choosing the suitable Roadtec cold planer. If you decide to buy a used one, inspect it to your satisfaction or hire a professional to do it for you. Used Roadtec cold planers might not be as productive due to poor maintenance by the previous owner.

Roadtec RX900 Cold Planer Specifications:

  • » Operating Length: 55.08 ft in

  • » Shipping Width: 9 ft in

  • » Shipping Height: 10.5 ft in

  • » Shipping Length: 34.78 ft in

  • » Max Operating Height: 14.77 ft in

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Recommended Trailer:

Extendable RGN Trailer

  • Max Weight: 145000
  • Main Deck Length: 65
  • Well Width: 8.5 FT
  • Legal Height Limit: 11.6

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