Skidder Specs and Dimensions

When you decide to buy a new or used skidder, knowing the specs and dimensions of what you’re looking for is the first step to finding your ideal equipment. Using our specifications database, you can compare specs and dimensions of skidder from all manufacturers at the comfort of your home before making your final decision. Knowing where your skidder will be used and the amount of work available is important because it helps you find specs and dimensions of a skidder that will meet those requirements. To find specs, size and weight of a skidder from our database, you can search for its model, manufacturer or industry. The specs of a skidder you buy should offer you high production and efficiency. Dimensions of the skidder you plan to invest in should be determined by your work environment and workload. For tough terrains and large logs for example, you need a large skidder for good stability and high lift capacity. When buying a used skidder, inspect it thoroughly or find a professional who will check each component to ensure its worth investing in. The specs of a skidder might be what you need but if the previous owner didn’t maintain it well, it could be a poor investment. The size and weight of the skidder you buy matters when it comes to transport. Depending on the weight, length and width of a skidder, our professional specialists recommend the most suitable trailers.

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Skidder Specs & Dimensions
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  • Tigercat