Terex GS1530 Scissor Lift Specs

Terex GS1530 Height, Length, Width, and More

Through the Heavy Haulers specifications database, you can find specs and dimensions of every Terex scissor lift. To find a Terex scissor lift with specs and dimensions that meet your jobsite requirements, you need to familiarize yourself with your job requirements first. Some of the things to consider include its accessibility, moving distance, lift capacity and lifting height. With this information, you will have an idea of the specs and dimensions to look for in a Terex scissor lift. On our specifications database, you will find platform, engine and operational specs of Terex scissor lifts.

What Is A Terex Scissor Lift Used For?

Terex scissor lifts are known for their high performance and versatility. They’re ideal for maneuvering through tight worksites. Terex scissor lifts are used for indoor and outdoor installation, maintenance and construction applications. It’s important to ensure that the Terex scissor lift of your choice is dictated by the requirements of your jobsite. If your jobsite applications require a high Terex scissor lift, get exactly that. This will help you work efficiently.

Terex GS1530 Scissor Lift Specifications:

  • » Overall Length: 6.01 in

  • » Wheelbase: 4.34 ft in

  • » Overall Width: 2.5 ft in

  • » Height W/ Rails: 6.44 ft in

  • » Ground Clearance: 2.37 in

  • » Height W/O Rails: 5.68 ft in

  • » Turning Radius: 5.09 ft in

  • » Gradeability: 30 %

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Recommended Trailer:

HotShot Trailer

  • Max Weight: 16000
  • Main Deck Length: 40
  • Well Width: 8.5 FT
  • Legal Height Limit: 10.6

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Terex GS1530 Scissor Lift
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