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JR Robledo

Orlando Logistics Agent - 1,000+ Transports

About JR Robledo

JR is a quality logistics agent with Heavy Haulers. He always provides top quality service to his clients. With years of logistics and transport experience, he provides the best shipping solutions in the business. JR is here day or night to get your freight moved.


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25,000-pound Locomotive

Sam Duncan received a call to move a 25,000-pound locomotive on a short-haul from Florence to Heber, Arizona. A load this size still requires a lot of preparation and planning to ensure the safety of all involved. To begin, Sam called his best guys to provide load assistance with cranes....

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110,000 lb Masaba Mining Elevator

Steven Hershberger was contacted by a prestigious mining company in South Dakota. The client needed a Masaba mining elevator transported to Nebraska. Coming in at over 110,000lbs the mining elevator isn’t one of the more common heavy equipment transports. The weight and dimensions required specialty super load permits in order to ensure the mining elevator could be transported safely.....

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Airplane Horizontal Stabilizer

An airplane parts company needed to transport a custom-made aircraft horizontal stabilizer from Florida to Canada. Not only were they seeking international transport, but they also needed a rush schedule to ensure that delivery was completed on time. That meant Chad had to work fast to ensure every detail...

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Power Plant Peerless Conveyor

Mike, our experienced specialist was tasked to transport a Power Plant Peerless Conveyor from Kansas City, Missouri to Roma, Texas. Transporting heavy equipment with Heavy Haulers means that you get a specific agent assigned to your shipment. Every load is processed with strong attention to detail and...

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2003 John Deere 9520 Tractor

Heavy Haulers is a licensed and bonded agricultural equipment transport company. We’ve been transporting different agricultural equipment including those manufactured by John Deere for more than a decade now. Milos Visnjic, one of our experienced specialists was tasked to transport a 2003 John Deere 9520 tractor from Buffalo, ND to...

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2006 Grove GMK 5165 Crane

Heavy Haulers has been transporting heavy machinery for more than a decade now. Luke Foster, one of our agents, was assigned the transportation of a 2006 Grove GMK 5165 crane. The 109,000 lbs 49.4 L 10W and 12.1H was to be transported from Longmont, CO to Jacksonville, FL...

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R-140 Oversize Tank

Shipping any oversize and overweight load should be left to professionals like Heavy Haulers. A transport company with resources, experience, and manpower. Jimmy Tomassso, one of our experienced agents was assigned to transport an R-140 tank L16 W16 and H16.4. It was to be picked in Dequincy, LA, and delivered to Houston, TX...

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Waffle House Sign

After looking at the 4000 lbs 33.9L 1W 11H Waffle House sign, Louis S. decided that an RGN trailer was the most suitable one for transport. Its weight and size capacity would accommodate the Waffle House sign perfectly. During the transport date, Louis S. sent crane operators, a rigging crew, and the driver to the pick up location....

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