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Front-End Loader Shipping Services with Heavy Haulers

William Thomas

William Thomas

Senior Logistics Manager

Our client hired us to ship a front-end loader from Amarillo, Texas to Levelland, Texas. The loader had broken down when in use in the field. Eddie L, the same specialist who had shipped the loader to the field was preferred to transport the loader back. The transportation was planned to take only 3 hours and a half as Eddie L was very conversant with the processing of the heavy machinery. Just like the first time he quickly acquired the paperwork and fully insured the heavy machinery. He sent the same driver who had previously shipped it to collect the loader. A lowboy trailer was used for transport due to the loader's 26 by 9 by 11 dimensions and its mass, 32,000 lbs.

Loading and unloading process for step deck trailers is much safer for everybody involved.

Preparing The Front-End Loader for Transport

In the field, our highly trained driver used their experience and managed to carefully place the loader on the trailer. After so doing the Front-End loader was tightened on to the trailer using high quality straps. Eddie having shipped the loader the first time advised our driver to follow the US highway 385 S as opposed to the other highways due to reliability. Since the transportation was a short haul our driver only tightened the loader on the trailer once after the shipping had commenced, halfway to the destination. Transporting heavy machinery is a tough process that requires dedication and precision to achieve. we come in fully equipped to aid our clients transport their heavy machinery at fair prices.

Front-End Loader Delivery

Within our company we understand in totality the delivery points as stated by our clients, be it from door to door, showrooms or work sites. For the Front-End loader, the driver delivered the it to the mechanics base as he had been directed. At we keep up with the standards necessary in heavy machinery and equipment shipping to ensure our clients are satisfied. We also insure our client’s machinery on board no matter the distance to be covered within the transportation. we unlimitedly deploy all our resources to ensure you receive your heavy machinery or equipment on time and securely. Form more information, call us today.

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