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Link Belt HC-238A On a Trailer for Transport

LINK BELT HC-238A Transport

LINK-BELT HC-238A Truck Crane Shipping From Elbert, CO to Boyd, TX

Our highly trained specialist, Sam, undertook the shipping of this 120,000-pound LINK-BELT HC-238A motorized crane for delivery in Boyd, Texas. Sam did an onsite evaluation and due to the oversize dimensions and weight of this load, he took about sourcing the permits.

The 12 ft. high conveyor truck crane with its link-belt boom derrick had a total length of 78 ft. and Sam loaded it onto an extended RGN trailer.

Customizing Solutions for Crane Truck Transport

This Heavy Haulers specialized configuration had the capacity to accommodate the truck
cab and chassis of the crane with its derrick hanging over the rear tandem axle extension. Due to the crane’s width of 12.6 ft. the main platform of the RGN trailer extended outwards about a foot on both sides.

These extensions handled the boom crane’s real axle with wooden planks placed beneath the wheels for added support, and a section of the carrier was covered with a tarpaulin.

Loading a Crane Truck for Hauling

Once the 12.6 ft. wide LINK-BELT HC-238A truck crane was loaded, Sam and his Heavy Haulers oversize load handlers went about prepping and securing the load for transport. Heavy duty chain tie-downs were used for the lattice truck crane’s main body which sat squarely on the RGN trailers dropped platform. This load’s extending boom derrick was secured with belt riggings to keep it stable during the 706-mile journey from Elbert, Colorado to Boyd in Texas. The LINK-BELT HC-238A truck crane load was flagged as an oversize load and Sam handed over the permits to the team of driver cum handlers. This signified the beginning of the 19-hour drive that made use of our Heavy Haulers escort and pilot cars for traffic management and augmented load security. The 120,000-pound transport took the US-287 S, which Sam had determined to be the quickest and safest route during the planning phase.

Checking the Link-Belt Truck Crane During Transport

As part of the Heavy Haulers standard operating procedure, the load was checked for tie-down integrity after every 50 miles. During the initial leg of the journey, escort cars were called in to navigate road construction obstructions after Colorado Springs and again at Pueblo, Colorado. In Texas, the stretch of highway between Amarillo and Boyd was also quite challenging due to construction works and bad weather which delayed the consignment for an hour and a half.

On Time Link-Belt Crane Truck Delivery

The link belt construction equipment was delivered to an awaiting client, who had been made aware of all the happenings while the load was in transit. Sam had made a point of calling the crane shipping client and gave an expected time of delivery, which was within the schedule that had been specified during the route planning session.

Sam, a leading Heavy Haulers oversize load conveyance specialist, handled the entire logistical planning, crew coordination and dispatch execution for this consignment. Sam is available today on (800) 908-6206 for more information on shipping any size or shape of construction equipment and to perform a free shipping quote.

Height: 12.6 ft.

Weight: 120,000 lbs.

Length: 78 ft.

Width: 12 ft.

Transport miles: 706 miles

Transport route: US-287 South

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