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Samsung excavator loaded for transport

Port-to-Port International Excavator Transport

Shipping Excavators from Nebraska to the port of Alexandria in Egypt

We shipped these two excavators to Alexandria, Egypt in North Africa from Lincoln, Nebraska, an export contract that was handled by Forte. They both weighed 63,000 pounds and had a height of 11.1 ft., a width of 10.8 ft. and a length of 36 ft. The two Samsung SE280 LC excavators required permits and export regulations which were pulled expertly and in no time by Tye, an experienced overseas shipping operator. Each excavator was then loaded expertly by plant equipment handlers that Forte appointed, and secured by chain riggings with their shovels folded up. Two specialized Heavy Haulers RGN double drop deck trailers that were flagged as oversize loads handled the initial part of the transportation from Nebraska to the port of Boston, Massachusetts.


This Heavy Haulers had escort vehicles while it traveled through the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York before arriving in Massachusetts. This part of the trip took 32 hours of driving time for 1,500 miles via the interstate 80 East and the I-90 East. At Boston, James was on standby to process the cargo through port customs and load the excavators onto the ship that delivered them to Alexandria.

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