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Shipping a freightliner truck on a step deck trailer

Shipping a Freightliner Truck from Tennessee to New York

Heavy Haulers have been shipping heavy trucks and semi-trucks long enough to know what it takes to make each operation successful. The transportation of trucks requires that we utilize the best resources in the industry. We assigned Nick, one of our experienced shipping specialists, to handle the Freightliner truck’s transportation. The truck was bound to Knoxville, TN, from East Rochester, NY.

freightliner truck

Heavy Haulers Offers Affordable Freightliner Truck Transport Services

At Heavy Haulers, we lookout for our clients’ best interests. Our agents ensure the clients’ preferences are prioritized for each operation. That’s why Nick transported the
Freightliner truck transport using a flatbed trailer. The client was on a budget and requested that the most effective and budget-friendly shipping method be used. The transport operation was scheduled to take two days. Nick and his team ensure all the logistics of the operation were accounted for adequately. Nick ensured the Freightliner truck was loaded on the flatbed trailer safely and gave the green light.

During transit, arrangements were made for parking and accommodation for the driver. The Freightliner truck underwent several integrity checks and was back on the road. At Heavy Haulers, we understand that your business relies on our operation’s efficiency, that’s why we keep clients posted on the progress of their shipments. Moreover, clients can inquire about their shipment from our agents. Nick kept an open communication channel between different teams involved in the operation. That way, the client could get feedback promptly.

Heavy Haulers Offers Quality Freightliner Truck Transport Services

After 21 hours, the Freightliner truck was at the clients’ premises. The client was looking to transport cargo with the truck. Nick provided all information regarding the operation before handing the truck over. The client was impressed by the speed of the delivery. He commended Nick and his team for the comprehensive report of the operation. Heavy Haulers provides top-notch heavy machinery transportation services. We are always looking for new ways to improve our operations. Our agents and consultants are on standby to process any requests or heavy load-shipping inquiries.

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