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CAT generator loaded on a step deck trailer for transport

Shipping a CAT Generator with Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers handles a wide range of machinery and equipment transportation. We understand that the transportation of heavy loads can be tricky without the right skills. That’s why we only hire trained specialists to handle our operations. Julian, one of our top specialists, was recently assigned to transport a CAT generator from Bozeman, MT to Bar Nunn, Wyoming. The generator was to be used as a back-up power supply for a client in the welding and machine industry. The generator was loaded on a step decked trailer and dispatched a few hours after the clients’ request was received.


Transporting a CAT Generator to Wyoming

The operation was scheduled to cover 415 miles in 10 hours; this accounted for the time used for integrity checks and breaks for the driver. During transit, the driver reported harsh weather conditions. The harsh weather was likely to compromise the machinery’s well-being and delay the delivery of the CAT generator. Julian advised the driver to use an alternative route and cover the generator with a waterproof tarp. Two hours later, the driver updated the dispatch team. Integrity checks were made, and the tie straps refastened.

Efficient and Reliable CAT Generator Transportation Services

The driver made stops at several checkpoints to avoid burnout during the operation. After 6 hours, when the shipment was close to the offloading point, the client was informed to make preparations for the drop-off. Our affiliates in the area helped with the process. A comprehensive report of the operation was handed to the client who made checks and ensured the generator was in good condition. At Heavy Haulers, we prioritize the clients’ needs. The generator was delivered on time, and the client was impressed by our efficient services.

Heavy Haulers takes pride in the successful shipments we have made across the country. We handle a wide range of machinery and equipment, ranging from power plant equipment to unusually dimensioned loads. All of our shipping and transport services are brought to you by highly skilled professionals with years of experience. Whether you are looking to transport an oversized load or a large vehicle, we have you covered.

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