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transporting a Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower

Shipping a Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower to North Carolina

Heavy Haulers was recently asked to transport a litter windrower from Richland, PA, 17087, to Fallston, NC, 28042. Jacob was the right fit for the task owing to his previous experience transporting similar machinery. The unusually dimensioned load often poses a problem when securing on a trailer. Unlike the conventional loads where the tie straps can be easily fastened on the bars, the Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower did not have any attachments for trailer transit. Jacob had to customize the setup to hold down the equipment securely.

transporting a Deluxe C Series JR60

Loading The Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower for Transport

Jacob used two tie straps, each passing over the metallic bar on the top side. The upper and lower drills had to be steered clear of to avoid damage to the tie straps. Additional footing had to be added to the wing wheel and corner wheel. This was carried out to prevent wiggling during transit. Unlike the previous Deluxe series, the Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower does not feature a built-inside shift and a tilt hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, the machinery transport was lighter and easier to load.

After securing the on the trailer, standard pre-checks were made to the setup, and Jacob gave the green light. Our drivers are licensed and highly skilled to handle any challenges likely to come up during transit. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the country’s various routes, navigating across North Carolina is easier. The driver had to make integrity checks along the way. A progress report was recorded throughout the entire journey.

Transporting a Deluxe C Series JR60 Windrower with Customized Solutions

The client had made preparations to receive the machinery. He requested that the machinery be placed in his poultry house. Our skilled specialists assisted with the placement of the equipment. The client requested that the auger be positioned facing the poultry house for easier offloading. Jacob and his team assisted the client up to the last detail. We hold the clients’ satisfaction in high regard. Our agents are on standby to answer any inquiries. Call us today for affordable rates.

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