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Skid Steer Prepared For Transport

Short Haul Skid Steer Shipping Solutions

A Quality Short Haul Skid Steer Transport

Mike received a call to ship a skid steer from Grand Prairie, TX to Burnet, TX. That’s a little less than 200 miles. So Mike knew this would be a short haul skid steer transport. Working with the client, Mike first gave them a free shipping estimate based on what they want. Because of the client’s needs, he tried to find the best route available to meet their deadlines. Then, once they had everything planned out, he sought out a driver.

Client’s Come First When Shipping a Skid Steer

When it comes to transport, Mike makes sure to enlist not just any driver, but the best one for the job. In this case, he partnered with a driver who had experience transporting skid steers. The driver also had the
best transport trailer
and equipment to secure the skid steer. At Heavy Haulers we take every precaution so your equipment is delivered safely.

Before the driver loaded the skid steer, Mike gave the client a guide to prepare their skid steer for transport. This way, when the driver shows up, everything is ready to go. When it comes to clients, all transport specialists, like Mike, guide them through the process. We are there from dispatch to delivery to answer any questions. We want our clients to have a confident and quality shipping experience. This short haul skid steer transport was no exception.

Skid Steer Transport and Quality Customer Service

The driver delivered the skid steer safely and on time. Mike had constant contact with the client. The short haul skid steer transport was done same day. The driver was able to stay within legal driving time and be secure in his transport. We always strive for the safety of both the drivers and the equipment.

Heavy Haulers has been transporting oversize equipment, like skid steers, for over a decade. In that time we’ve made sure to continuously learn about transport and shipping. When you come to Heavy Haulers for skid steer transport, we provide more than just shipping solutions. We provide quality customer service.

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