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Choose Heavy Haulers, the oversized machinery transport experts, to ship your skid steer from one job site to the next. We understand that as a busy contractor, time is money – as we aim to save you both. From licensed, insured drivers to expert trip planners, Heavy Haulers has made moving your skid steer – and any other heavy equipment you need – simple and hassle-free. With satisfied customers shipping from Canada to Mexico and across the U.S., come see why Heavy Haulers is the preferred transport company for skid steers. Give us a call at (877) 202-3718 today!

Transporting Skid Steers with Heavy Haulers is Easier Than You Think

Skid Steer shipping load
2006 John Deere CT 322 Skid Steer Being Shipped

Depending on the weight and dimensions of your skid steer, you'll either have it loaded on a standard flatbed trailer, which needs access to a dock, or a step deck trailer, loading the skid steer on board with a forklift. Your logistics representative will determine the safest way to ship your skid steer and contract with a dependable, experienced driver to provide Heavy Hauler's door-to-door service. We focus on safety, of your crew, ours, and your expensive equipment. Even the largest skid steers, weighing at more than 40,000 pounds, are no problem for the team at Heavy Haulers. We also have RGN trailers available for the tallest, heaviest equipment.

Schedule Your Skid Steer Shipment Any Day of The Week!

A consultation with one of our logistics specialists is the first step. They'll plan your route, whether you just need a skid steer transported or if you need to move all of your heavy construction or excavation machinery. All paperwork, including customs forms and weigh station records, as well as travel permits, is handled by your representative. You'll receive real-time updates on your shipment. Heavy Haulers specializes in moving large machinery like skid steers. Give us a call today for a FREE, no-obligation quote at (877) 202-3718!

Recent Skid Steers Transported by Heavy Haulers

Takeuchi TL10V2 track loader transported to South Dakota on a flatbed trailer

Takeuchi TL10V2 Track Loader Transported To South Dakota on a Flatbed Trailer

Mike Phillips from Heavy Haulers shipped four Takeuchi TL10V2 Skid Steers from Pendergrass, Georgia to Aberdeen, South Dakota on a flatbed trailer. He loaded the 10,000-pound skid steers using a loading dock and tied them down with chain strapping. These Takeuchi TL10V2 Track Loaders had dimensions of 12 ft. length, 6 ft. as width and 7 ft. height, for which delivery was made within the stipulated time frames.

Transport Specialist: Mike Phillips
(754) 203-8914

John Deere 260 skidsteer hauled on a hotshot trailer to Texas

John Deere 260 Skid Steer Hauled On a Hotshot Trailer to Texas

Sam Duncan, the Heavy Haulers equipment shipping specialist performed the logistical planning and dispatch coordination for this John Deere 260 Skid steer. The move was from Brooklyn, Mississippi to Wyllie Texas, and Sam Duncan loaded the 8,300 pounds John Deere 260 skid steer onto a hotshot trailer which comfortably accommodated its 9 ft. length, 7 ft. height and 6 ft. width for the 512-mile journey.

Transport Specialist: Sam Duncan
(561) 931-6741

Bobcat S750 skid steer and Bobcat T590 track loader in transport

Shipping a Bobcat S750 Skid Steer and Bobcat T590 Track Loader

Heavy Haulers recently shipped these machines, a Bobcat S750 Skid Steer and a Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader, from Headland, Alabama, to Wylie, Texas. Also included in the shipment: one John Deere 35D Mini Excavator. The trip was nearly 750 miles long. S750 dimensions: Weight: 3,200 pounds. Length: 10 feet. Width: 5 feet. Height: 7 feet. T590 dimensions: Weight: 8,300 pounds. Length: 12 feet. Width: 7 feet. Height: 7 feet. To ship your Bobcat skid steer to its next destination, call Tye at Heavy Haulers directly at

Transport Specialist: Tye
754) 253-3770

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Common Skid Steers Heavy Haulers Can Move Across The Continent

Haulage Solutions For Skid Steer Auger

Skid steer augers are attached for drilling holes, grinding stumps, or mixing and pouring cement. Interchangeable bits on the auger attachments make up a skid steer bundle that can spit logs, break rocks and rip through tree stumps. The transit of skid steers and their auger attachments is best done on hotshot or flatbed trailers as a cost-effective option. Tractor Transport can transport singular and large consignments of skid steer augers.

Shipping Solutions for Skid Steer Broom Attachments

Tractor Transport’s top notch fleet of trailers has an objective to fully service your skid steer attached or detached broom transportation requirements. More than ten years in the trucking industry has given us exhaustive knowledge and expertise with skid steers and their various attachments, including brooms. The best skid steer broom attachment incorporates the required manner of dirt collection to clear construction sites, roads, street gutters, and parking lots.

Moving Skid Steer Brush Cutters

Whether singly or in a large consignment, skid steer brush cutter loads are handled by our outstanding fleet, staff and cutting edge logistic systems. Skid steer attachments that are used as brush cutters have a flexible and versatile implementation. Also known as skid steer mowers, brush cutters contain technical designs that enable large areas of brush and young saplings to be cleared.

Skid Steer Bucket Implements Transport

Tractor Transport transport skid steer buckets that come in various size capacities and depth differences. Skid steer buckets take on all manner of loads such as litter, compost, grain, rocks, earth, and bulky construction debris. Livestock and poultry farms stand to benefit with skid steer bucket attachments to sift out litter and compost while offloading into dump trucks. Skid steer buckets can also be applied in snow, while the 4-in-1 high dump varieties are multipurpose.

Shipping Skid Steer Tiller

All tilling needs for farms, gardens, lawns, and other landscaping applications require skid steer tillers. Sturdily built for any manner of terrain, skid steer tillers contain hydraulics and blades that spindle out for soil churning action. Side shoes on a skid steer tiller allow adjustment to set the depth of tilling application, ability to reverse or forward till and dual directional blades. Bidirectional rotary tillers are the perfect combination for preparing seedbeds and pulverizing the soil before planting.

Cost-Efficient Transport of Skid Steer Attachments and Implements

Common Skid Steer Attachments We Transport:

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Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Skid Steer Loader

How To Ship a Skid Steer

Choose Heavy Haulers to ship your skid steer loader. Most skid steers ship on a flatbed trailer. You’ll need a dock, or a large forklift, to load your skid steer aboard a flatbed trailer. Back your skid steer aboard the flatbed so the attachments are facing the rear of the trailer.

Another great travelling spot for your smaller skid steer is the top deck of a step-deck trailer. If your skid steer is too big for the top deck, your machine can travel safely on the bottom deck. Larger skid steers, those weighing more than 40,000 pounds, must travel aboard an RGN trailer.

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oversized, wide and super loads. We are shipping experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


heavy haulers logistics agents

We Are Ready To Help You Haul Your Equipment!

Common Equipment Heavy Haulers Transports

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Lift

Heavy Haulers Is the Home Of Skid-Steer Towing Services | (800) 908-6206|

Need perfect skid- steer towing services? Heavy Haulers have you covered. Heavy Haulers have all varieties of equipment to facilitate the hauling of your heavy machinery equipment to any part across the country. They offer escort services to ensure that your cargo is safe during the whole transportation process. Their team is always on time, and you will never be disappointed when it comes to their timing. Call through (800) 908-6206 and get started.

Heavy Haulers Ships Skid Steer Loaders

Heavy Haulers ships skid steer loaders. Speak with one of our logistics professionals to arrange efficient and affordable transportation for your skid steer loader. Your representative shops for the best rates for you, dispatches your load when you’re ready, and shepherds your transport to a successful conclusion. Let’s begin our relationship today.

Heavy Haulers offers:

See More of Our Recent Skid Steer Transports

Transporting a Bobcat S150 Skid Steer

Bobcat S150 Skid Steer Tale of the Tape: Weight: 11,000 lbs Length: 8 feet 5 inches Width: 6 feet 5 inches Height: 8 feet 5 inches. The skid steer was safely loaded and transported behind a John Deere Backhoe. Heavy haulers will have all of your equipment locked and loaded and safely delivered with the most qualified driver using the proper rig. Call Heavy Haulers and ask for JT to schedule your next load. - (754) 254-5444

Hauling a Bobcat S70 Skid Steer on a Hotshot Trailer

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Bobcat S70 Skid Steer from Clarksville, Indiana, to Corona, California. The trip was nearly 2,075 miles long. Weight: 3,000 pounds. Length: 8 feet 4 inches. Width: 8 feet 4 inches. Height: 5 feet 9 inches. To ship your Bobcat skid steer to its next destination, call Tye at Heavy Haulers directly at (754) 253-3770

Shipping a Bobcat Toolcat 5660 Utility Work Tractor

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Bobcat Toolcat 5660 Utility Work Tractor from Frederick, Maryland, to Mankato, Minnesota. The trip covered nearly 1,100 miles. Weight: 6,000 pounds. Length: 15 feet. Width: 5 feet. Height: 7 feet. To ship your Bobcat skid steer anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, call Brian at Heavy Haulers directly at: (754) 203-9267.

Transporting a Bobcat Skid Steer on a Hotshot Trailer

Heavy Haulers recently picked up this Bobcat from Sioux Falls, SD and delivered it 713 miles away to Larwill, IN. JT was able to secure a trailer for this LTL (less than tuckload) shipment for this client. This Bobcat was 9,702 pounds, 11 feet 9 inches in length, 6 feet 6 inches in width and was 6 feet 7 inches high. If you are looking to transport your Bobcat call JT at Heavy Haulers today! (754) 254-5444.

Shipping a Komatsu CK35 Skid Steer on a Hotshot Trailer

Heavy Haulers recently transported this Komatsu CK35 Multi Terrain Loader from Casper, Wyoming, to Pendleton, Oregon. The trip was nearly 925 miles long. Weight: 9,500 pounds. Length: 11 feet 6 inches. Width: 6 feet 7 inches. Height: 7 feet. To transport your Komatsu skid steer anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, talk to Sam at Heavy Haulers directly at: (561) 931-6741.

Hauling a New Holland LX865 Skid Steer

Heavy Haulers hauled this New Holland LX865 Skid Steer from Essex Junction, Vermont, to Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. The transport west was nearly 400 miles long. Weight: 8,000 pounds. Length: 11 feet 6 inches. Width: 7 feet. Height: 6 feet 6 inches. To ship your New Holland skid steer anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, speak with Mike at Heavy Haulers directly at: (754) 203-8914.

Transporting a John Deere CT 322 Skid Steer

This 2006 John Deere CT 322 skid steer was recently hauled by our agent Brian G. at Heavy Haulers. It was picked up in Otley, IA and delivered to its destination in Ackerly TX. This John Deere skid steer was 12 feet long, 6 feet 7 inches wide, 6 feet 9 inches high and weighed 11,000 pounds. The total length of this journey was 999 miles in 2 days! Call Brian G. to get your next freight shipment transported: (754) 203-9267

Shipping a Caterpillar 246D Skid Steer

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Caterpillar 246D Skid Steer from Jonesboro, Arkansas, to Belgrade, Montana. The transport was more than 1,550 miles long. Weight: 7,500 pounds. Length: 12 feet 2 inches. Width: 5 feet 5 inches. Height: 6 feet 8 inches. To ship your Caterpillar skid steer to its next destination, call Brian at Heavy Haulers directly at: (754) 203-9267.

Shipping a Caterpillar 216B Skid Steer

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Caterpillar 216B Skid Steer from Kirksey, Kentucky, to Mulberry, Florida. The trip was nearly 850 miles long. Weight: 5,700 pounds. Length: 10 feet 6 inches. Width: 5 feet. Height: 6 feet 4 inches. To ship your Caterpillar skid steer anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico, call Mike at Heavy Haulers directly at: (754) 203-8914.

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Skid Steer Loaders

Skid Steer Loader Transportation Services

Skid steer loaders are four-wheel drive machines used for loading and transporting material. All four wheels operate independently to allow the machine a tight turning radius. Instead of a transmission, skid steers employ pumps and hydraulic motors to power the vehicles.

Skid steers that have tracks instead of wheels are called multi-terrain loaders. Skid steers operate a wide number of attachments, including backhoe, grinder and ripper. Some models allow the driver to change attachments without leaving the machine.

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