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Tips To Load and Transport Your Backhoe

Ready to transport your backhoe loader? Is it your first time? Whether you’re new to shipping backhoes or have done it several times, Heavy Haulers has some great tips for loading and transporting your backhoe safely.

What is a Backhoe Loader?

Before we get to the tips, what is a backhoe loader? It’s a good question. Backhoe loaders, also known as just backhoes or diggers, are heavy equipment vehicles commonly used in construction, mining, and agriculture industries.

A backhoe is an excavation machine with a tractor-like body, a loader bucket in the front, and a backhoe arm in the rear. The front loader aspect of a backhoe can plow debris and move materials. The rear backhoe arm has a digger bucket, also known as a digger stick, that generally can dig up down 12 to 16 feet.

How to Choose a Backhoe Transport Company

Dozens of companies transport backhoes across the country and even internationally. ( Heavy Haulers is one of the best, in case you were curious.)

Here are a few things to check when choosing a backhoe transport company.

• The transport company should have experience shipping backhoes.

• The transport company should be licensed, bonded, and insured to haul backhoes.

• The transport company should offer free and transparent quotes to ship your backhoes.

• Check online reviews to see if the transport company has an overall good record of shipping backhoes.

How to Prepare Your Backhoe for Hauling

Once you’ve chosen a reputable equipment shipping company, you’ll need to prepare your backhoe loader for transport. Doing this allows for a smooth loading process once the driver arrives.

• Clean your backhoe.

• Remove loose parts that may be lost or damaged during transport and safely store them.

•Take pictures before and after loading the backhoe onto the trailer to document the state of your equipment before and after transport.

Choosing The Best Transport Trailer to Haul Your Backhoe

The good news is that if you work with a reputable company like Heavy Haulers, we choose the best trailer to haul your backhoe. We take care of everything! Here are the most common trailer types used to transport a backhoe.

Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers are the most common type of trailer used to ship a backhoe. That’s because the removable neck of the trailer lowers to the ground, so the trailer becomes a ramp. The backhoe can then be driven directly on the trailer.

Flatbed Trailers are an option for smaller backhoes, especially if they’re inoperable. However, you may need load assistance, such as a crane, to safely load the backhoe onto the trailer.

Lowboy Trailers are another option for hauling backhoes. Because they’re lower to the ground, they offer better height clearance. Plus, if the lowboy has ramps, the backhoe can again be driven onto the trailer.

Safely Loading a Backhoe on a Trailer

Safely Loading a Backhoe on a Trailer
If your backhoe can be driven on an RGN or lowboy trailer, that’s going to be the easiest way. If it needs assistance, the transport company usually provides that for you. Attempting to load it yourself is not recommended.

Once the backhoe is on the trailer, it needs to be secured.

How many tie-downs does a backhoe need?

• The standard regulation in most states is to have at least four tie-down points when the equipment is 10,000 lbs or more.

• With a backhoe, two extra tie-down points are required to secure the bucket.

• So, you need at least six tie-downs to secure your backhoe safely.

What should I use to tie-down the backhoe?

The best tie-downs to secure a backhoe on a trailer are chains and binders that can withstand the weight of the backhoe.

When loading a backhoe on a trailer, securing it with the right tie-down points is essential. When done incorrectly, the backhoe can be damaged, and it can cause issues during transport.
Always double check the tie-downs are appropriately done.

Transporting a Backhoe

Once the driver has safely secured the backhoe on the trailer, they’ll head out onto the open road to transport your backhoe. Depending on the length of the backhoe haul, the driver will make safety checks every so often, to ensure the tie-down securement has remained safely in place.

How Much Does it Cost to Transport a Backhoe?

The cost to ship a backhoe varies based on several factors. A backhoe transport can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Here are a few factors that go into backhoe transportation costs.

The dimensions of the backhoe. The bigger and heavier a backhoe, the more expensive it will be to haul.

The cost of fuel. When fuel goes up, so do transport prices.

Required permits.
Each state has different shipping regulations. If your backhoe is transported across state lines, permits will be needed for each state the freight goes through, contributing to the overall backhoe shipping quote.

Load assistance.
If your backhoe doesn’t run, or you’re using a trailer that it can’t drive on, load assistance may be necessary for safe loading. This attributes to the overall cost.

There are many other factors that go into backhoe hauling costs. An experienced logistics agent has the know-how to get you the best price to transport your backhoe. That’s why working with a logistics company, such as Heavy Haulers, is imperative.

Unloading Your Backhoe Safely

Once the driver arrives at the destination, they’ll determine the best way to unload the backhoe based on the location. This could be as simple as driving it off the trailer or using load assistance if necessary.

Once your backhoe is unloaded, check it over and take pictures. If there is any discrepancy, do not sign the bill of lading. Instead, speak to your logistics agent immediately.

Transporting Your Backhoe With Confidence

The more you know about backhoe transport, the more confident you’ll be when it’s time to start. Working with an experienced and reliable company like Heavy Haulers goes a long way in ensuring a safe backhoe shipment. Hopefully, these tips will help you the next time you need to haul a backhoe.

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