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When to Use a Steerable Dolly for Transport

Steerable dollies provide incredible strength and excellent maneuverability when transporting oversize loads. Even in the most challenging shipping conditions, they operate well, providing a safe, stress-free, and efficient shipping process. Even so, it would be best to move such large cargo with experienced shipping companies.

Renown hauling experts such as Heavy Haulers come in handy, especially if you have no experience with the job. They have the perfect skills and experience in handling such specialized shipping equipment and know the best routes for quick and safe transportation. Besides, they invest in high-tech steerable dollies that are well maintained and timely serviced to keep them productive and reliable.

What is a Steerable Dolly in Heavy Hauling

Steerable dollies are special trailers equipped with self-contained steering mechanisms. The self-contained steering system includes a hydraulic flanked by the steered axles and the central turntable. This makes it easier for the trailer to reduce off-tracking when cornering significantly. All steerable dollies are equipped with an override which gives the driver the maximum steering control. Manual control is mostly used during extreme cornering situations. Most times, the dollies are left on self-steer as they can seamlessly steer the trailers helping it maneuver most turns safely and efficiently. The dolly’s main turntable can turn up to 110 degrees or more. This means incredible flexibility when the trailer is maneuvering a narrow intersection that might need to dolly perpendicular to the load. Most steerable dollies are equipped with the following features for enhanced steering capabilities:

A Strong Swivel Top

Here is the key to a steerable dolly. It makes it easy for the operator to pull the load at a specific angle and efficiently change its direction. As the top of your front dolly rotates, it also swivels your load in your desired direction. In fact, you can find steerable dollies equipped with bearing designed for super loads weighing up to 20 tons, with some models allowing up to 90 degrees steering angle.

A Long Ergonomic Handle

Steering bellies are equipped with a long, ergonomic handle that is functional and comfortable to use. The arm helps you transport even larger, heavier, and cumbersome loads. The handle offers maximum control to the operator when pulling and steering the shipment. This is especially crucial when maneuvering across sloped and uneven grounds.

A Great Roller Design

The best steerable dollies feature polyurethane wheels which offer maximum protection to your floors preventing marks and gouges. They also facilitate a smooth and easy movement, making them excellent options when shipping
sensitive equipment
with adjustments and calibration concerns.

Steerable Dollies Can Have Front or Rear Arrangements

Both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. For instance, front steers are more stable when shipping shorter loads, are equipped with intuitive steering controls, and are equipped with a tow bar in the front. Unfortunately, they have a higher loading height. On the other hand, lower steers have a lower loading height but cannot crowd infrastructure and then turn away sharply as the axles tend to steer towards the building.

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