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Through our specifications database, you can find specs, dimensions and weight of equipment manufactured by Caterpillar. This way, it's easy to research and compare specs and sizes of Caterpillar equipment with similar models from different makes at the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for Caterpillar equipment, ensure that you know where it will be used and the amount of work to be done. Without this information, it's easy to choose a Caterpillar equipment with specs and dimensions that don’t meet your workplace requirements. To find specs and dimensions of any Caterpillar equipment on our database, search for its model, industry or manufacturer. Size of the jobsite and work to be done, access and terrain are some of the factors to consider about your workplace.

In our database, you can find detailed engine, transmission, hydraulic system and operational specifications of Caterpillar equipment. In case your jobsite is big and has a lot of work to be done, you need to buy a big Caterpillar equipment to get a lot of work done. The specs and dimensions of a Caterpillar equipment of your choice should offer you comfort, safety, efficiency and ease of operation. The length, width, height and weight of your Caterpillar equipment should fit on a trailer for transport. When buying a used Caterpillar equipment, inspect every component and ensure that you’re happy with its performance before purchasing. Our specialists recommend the most suitable trailer for transport based on the length, width, height and weight of a Caterpillar equipment.

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