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Hauling a Bayliner Speed Boat

Shipping a Bayliner on a Specialized Boat Hauling Trailer

This 11,000 pounds 2015 luxury Bayliner speed boat was shipped by Heavy Haulers from Delaware to Virginia. Our boat shipping expert Willam Thomas undertook the transport of the 35 ft. wide, 11.6 ft. tall and 10.6 ft. wide speed boat.

He placed it on a specialized boat hauling trailer for that capacity and tied it down with belt strapping for added securing. The pulling vehicle was a utility service truck that had the capability and speed needed to ship this boat where it needed to be.

Boat transport contingencies in place, Willam Thomas flagged the transport as an oversize load as per state regulations for any loads over 8.6 ft. high. He relied on the Heavy Haulers system of quick permit procurement and escort vehicles since the entire transport length was that of an extended carrier.

Willam Thomas calculations for cost-effective
boat transport were helped by the low fuel consumption of the utility truck as opposed to a full rig. The lighter boat trailer was also an easier pull as it was specially constructed to tackle the boat weight while reducing on entire load tonnage. A sleeper cab at the back of the service utility truck came in handy for the long haul trip since one of the team drivers would rest while the other was at the wheel.

The luxury speed boat was securely delivered to Portsmouth, VA on the east coast, after being driven safely by the driver. Willam Thomas handled this boat haul from start to finish, keeping the client in the loop all the time. Contact Willam Thomas the boat shipping expert at heavy haulers on (800) 908-6206.

Height: 11.6 ft.

Weight: 11,000 lbs.

Length: 35 ft.

Width: 10.6 ft.

Transport miles: 2,889 miles

Transport route: I-10 West

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