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Shipping a Gradall Wheeled Excavator on a lowboy trailer.

Everything You Need to Know about RGN Trailer Transport

Removable gooseneck trailers (RGN) were first introduced to the transport industry in the late 50s. Invented in 1958, the RGN shipping method was created to meet the demand for an easier way of transporting tall and/or over length shipments. Today, RGN trailer haulage is incredibly common and most often used to carry a variety of drive-able machinery.

What is RGN Trailer Shipping Most Suitable For?

Many types of machinery are driveable but not suitably rated for highway driving. Specialized mining equipment, agricultural and farm machinery, off-road trucks, and lots of construction equipment can all utilize RGN trailer transport. Whether it’s a vehicle that uses a track, such as a drill, mining shovel, or dozer, or it’s a wheel loader or wheel excavator, RGN transport can effectively transport it safely.

RGN trailer with Heavy Duty truck haul

RGN trailer transport equipment can often ship the following machinery:
– Articulated Trucks
– Backhoes
– Buses Cranes
Combine Harvesters
– Excavators
– Heavy Machinery
– Longwall Mining Machinery
– Pavers
– Pipelayers
– Boats
– Tractors
– Off-Highway Trucks
– Wheel Loaders

What Makes RGN Shipping Different?

RGN shipping equipment consists of three main elements, a gooseneck that connects the trailer to the truck cab, a drop deck, and a step back up over the rear axles of the trailer. The well created by the drop deck allows for taller equipment to meet the rules and regulations associated with heavy equipment transport, as it holds machinery lower to the ground so that they don’t exceed maximum height restrictions.

• Easier to load via forklift

• Can transports taller loads without requiring additional permits

• Suitable for towing a wide variety of equipment

• Goods can be stacked on the lower level to transport more at a time

rgn trailer with heavy duty truck haul

In addition to providing an extra foot of clearance space, RGN transport also includes an extended trailer option, in which the drop-deck area can be extended to 61ft, increasing the maximum length of the RGN to 74ft. This provides a much larger usable space if you’re looking to transport oversized equipment using RGN haulage options.

RGN and extended RGNs can be configured to take advantage of multiple axles. Standard configurations can include two to four support axles, but more can be added for extended, heavy loads.
The critical difference between a removable gooseneck trailer and many other trailers is, as the name suggests, the fact that the front gooseneck mechanism can be easily detached. This detachable component enables front-loading, and haulers can drive equipment such as forklifts and other machinery directly onto the trailer. Once the gooseneck is removed, the trailer can be lowered to ground level.

Essential Advantages of RGN Trailer Haulage

RGN equipment towing can allow project managers to coordinate the transport of oversize equipment with ease safely. RGN trailers can haul longer and taller gear, sometimes without requiring additional height permits or other shipping constraints, reducing the time it takes to undertake RGN transport shipping projects effectively.

RGN trailers are incredibly versatile and capable of transporting oversize, heavy equipment without compromising the trailer’s integrity. These transport trailers have multiple axles to help evenly distribute the weight of your cargo. Two, three, or four-axle configurations enable greater flexibility when trying to tow oversize equipment using RGN shipping methods, and they provide more stability than other types of trailers.

One of the most useful advantages of towing equipment using an RGN is that it is possible to drive most equipment directly onto the trailer. It offsets the need for additional loading equipment and makes loading and unloading equipment much more manageable, saving time and energy when it comes to essential, urgent transport projects.
Multiple vehicles can be loaded onto the same RGN transport trailer, making them suitable for a variety of industries, particularly construction and automotive sectors. Numerous cars can quickly be shipped from one dealership to the next, and it’s also possible to tow construction Heavy Hauling Transport machinery to the next job site in fewer shipments.

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