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Motor Grader Prepared for Transport

How to Load a Motor Grader

Ensuring a Safe Load of a Motor Grader for Hassle-Free Shipping

At Heavy Haulers, we understand the importance of following a strict guideline during loading, shipping, and unloading of heavy equipment. This is because we understand how a small mistake would cause a potentially big problem; were it to happen. For this reason, our logistic team, and our expert drivers have to painstakingly plan for every task way before the actual loading begins.

Since safe loading and hauling are our responsibility, we are consistent in using the right equipment and taking a step at a time as we load a motor grader. The primary goal of loading a motor grader properly is to ensure an efficient and quick shipping process while maintaining the safety of the equipment and everyone involved. Our techniques, handling, and securing equipment are OSHA approved. Our consistency in maintaining proper loading technique and hauling practices when shipping heavy equipment such as a motor grader has made us lead a quality and hassle-free shipping and transportation services for over a decade.

Loading a Motor Grader in a Step Deck for Efficient Transportation

Choosing the right trailer that can adequately haul and ship the motor grader is arrived at during the preplanning—after receiving the grader’s specifications. The larger the motor grader, the larger the trailer with a larger weight rating to adequately handle the grader’s weight.

Since motor graders come in different designs, it’s imperative for drivers to follow the manufacturer’s manual while loading them. This is to ensure that nothing small or big is missed, which could be the difference between a smooth shipping process and a troublesome one. Below are a few guidelines to observe for a safe loading:

Never operate equipment you are not trained in.

The trailer and ramps should be resting on a firm ground that can hold the weight of the motor grader.

The towing truck and the trailer should be immobilized by wheel chokes and parking brakes.

The heaviest end should go up the ramps first.

When revving up the ramps, the motor grader should be moving slowly at the lowest gear.

That said, ensure the load from the motor grader is distributed correctly. This is very important for safe and smoothing transportation. For instance, more tail weight may cause the trailer to sway and whip while imbalanced weight will cause suspension and tire wear.

Securing the Motor Grader Properly for Quality Shipping Process

Once the motor grade is balanced on the trailer, lower the attachment to the floor, engage the parking brakes, turn off the engine, cut-off fuel supply, and disconnect the batteries. Then follow the company’s guidelines on securing the motor grader. Make sure the tie-downs you are going to use can handle the load, are not damaged, and within the combined working load limit (WLL.)

The most common tie-down is installed at the front and at the rear. When hauling more than one motor graders, it is important to include attachments and accessories to reduce the chances of movements of the graders during hauling. Following the well-drawn loading and securing procedure will save you time, resources, and make you more efficient and productive.

Avoid Damaging the Motor Grader During Tie Down

Shipping and delivering a motor grader in the same condition you found it should be any trucker’s top priority. To achieve this goal, an expert trucker should be careful about every shipping step and process, especially during tie-downs. To avoid any kind of damage, only run chains through securement points located on the motor grader. Identifying such points on the motor grader might not be as easy as the D-links on the trailer, but you have to look for them carefully, otherwise, you will end up damaging the machinery. Also, try as much as possible to use your tie-downs at an angle of 45 degrees. This is the angle a chain is performing its maximum potential. At 45 degrees, the chain will be pulling the motor grader downwards and preventing it from sliding as well. At reduced angles, the chain will only be protecting the motor grader from sliding.

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