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How to Load a Semi Truck

An Overview to Properly Loading a Semi-Truck for Efficient Hauling

Semi-truck-tractor-trailer trucks, commonly known as semi-trucks, are among the most useful and versatile heavy-duty commercial vehicles. A semi-truck is a combination of a tractor unit hitched to a semi-trailer via the fifth wheel. Proper loading of a semi-truck requires a skilled driver, experienced spotters, and efficient equipment.

Loading more than one semi-truck requires special skills, especially when one semi is hitched to a trailer, and others are just the towing tractors. Between balancing the weight, using the correct securing equipment, and the limited space on either side, among other variables, loading semi-trucks demands for diligence, experience, expertise, and the right equipment; otherwise you risk a big headache during shipping and transportation.

How to Properly Load a Semi Truck for Transport

With expert truckers from Heavy Haulers, loading a semi-truck is a seamless and quick process. A semi-truck can be loaded onto a removable gooseneck, flatbed, or a step-deck. The choice of the trailer largely depends on the length of the semi-truck. When shipping more than one semi-truck, a stretched RGN or an extendable step deck maybe used. An expert driver is able to choose the right trailer to use based on the weight, dimensions, and no of units that are to be shipped.

With the right trailer, the first step is a precautionary safety routine. It involves switching on the tractor’s emergency lights, setting parking brakes, choking the wheels of both the trailer and the tractor, and ensuring nonessential personnel is at a safe distance. The next step is to pull out the outriggers and drop the ramps. Most semi-trucks are 8.5 ft. wide, standard trailers have the same width, and for safe loading and hauling the semis, the riggers need to be pulled out. While at it, ensure that the ramps are stable and firm on solid ground. You should verify that the ramps can hold the weight of the semi-truck.

To safely ride the semi-truck up the ramps, you need two experienced spotters, one on the left side and the other one on the right side. This is to make sure every angle and blind spot of the semi-truck is covered. With more than one spotter, the driver and the spotters have to agree on the proper hand signal to use before loading. Following the directions from the spotters, move slowly up the ramps, in case you back down, reverse slowly down to the ground, and until you can see the ramps. Then move forward slowly but steadily up the ramps and onto the bed of the trailer. As mentioned earlier. Loading more than one semi-trailer requires a specialized skill set and in-depth knowledge about weight distribution and balancing.

Luckily, transport experts at Heavy Haulers have loaded numerous semi-trucks onto a trailer a thousand times, and they are more than capable of doing it quickly and correctly. With the semi-truck or trucks loaded and accurately positioned, they need to be secured for safe transporting and shipping.

How to Secure a Semi Truck Properly for Safe Transport

Once the trucks are on the transporting trailer, the driver should set the parking and spring brakes. Then they should stop the engine, disconnect the battery, roll the windows up, and lock the doors. Next, place chocks in front of and behind each wheel to prevent possible rolling during transport. Heavy Haulers transport experts will then tie-down the semi-trucks by following the company’s safety and securement guidelines. For instance, tie-downs and chains should be installed at the front and rear of the semi-truck.

You should also use the D-rings, built-in straps, and chain slots for easy securing the trucks. Most securement manuals recommend to at least install four tie-downs to stop any movement of the truck while transporting. It is important to pay close attention to the ratings of the equipment. Also, you should confirm the securing equipment are in good condition. Before taking off, inspect the securement system to make sure it’s correctly done. Also, go around and examine all the truck’s wheels and make sure they are well inflated to avoid loosening of tie-downs during hauling. Loading your truck properly and securing it safely will definitely lead to a smooth shipping and quick delivery.

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