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Miscellaneous Equipment Prepared For Transport

What You Need To know About Shipping Miscellaneous Loads

Jason was recently tasked with the transportation of miscellaneous load from Chino, CA, to Diamond Springs, CA. The operations were scheduled to take place on the same day. Jason and his team began processing the shipment as soon as the client had confirmed the request. At Heavy Haulers, we understand that the heavy load shipping industry relies on having equipment delivered on time. That’s why we process all our shipments at record speeds. Jason kept a record of the operation and relayed the progress to the client.

Transporting Miscellaneous Loads at Affordable Rates

Heavy Haulers transports all miscellaneous equipment. Miscellaneous equipment may be anything from salvage equipment, baghouses, pools, or even Christmas trees. Miscellaneous loads are just as popular as say, construction equipment, but the equipment itself doesn’t fit into one descriptive category. Luckily, Heavy Haulers transports it all.

Before dispatching this miscellaneous load, all units had to be neatly arranged on the trailer. The parts susceptible to water damage were covered, and the delicate parts adequately positioned. Due to the delicate nature of the operation, it was agreed that integrity checks would be made after every 50 miles.

items being transported

The driver was handed all the relevant documents, including the license, state permits, and insurance covers. Soon afterward, the load was on its way to Diamond Springs. CA. Heavy Haulers handles each shipment with the professionalism it deserves. We account for all the details when planning the operation. That’s why it was easier for the driver to select an alternate route when the pilot vehicle reported traffic congestion on I-5 S.

All our freight shipping operations are handled with the same efficiency and professionalism. Heavy Haulers hire highly skilled specialists to manage our car shipping operations. With the resources we have accumulated over the years, we guarantee timely and secure services. Jason made the miscellaneous load shipment before the given deadline. He followed up with the client after the operation to ensure he was satisfied. At Heavy Haulers, we hold the clients’ satisfaction in high regard.

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