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Volvo Excavator prepared for transport on and RGN trailer

The 7 Most Popular Machines in Construction and Transport

Heavy machinery is commonly used in construction projects for a wide variety of tasks. Depending on the size of the task at hand, and the economy of the project, several machines can be used to make construction faster and easier. Excavators, bulldozers, loaders, cranes, and dump trucks are just some of the most popular equipment types you’ll find in construction zones.

Construction Excavator Transport

Excavators are perhaps the most widely used form of equipment in the construction industry, as they’re incredibly versatile. Excavator transport is extremely popular in the heavy haul industry. While most commonly used for excavation purposes, this construction machinery can also be used for everything from demolition, heavy lifting, dredging, and backfilling holes to moving and placing new pipework.
The most popular construction machines in the U.S. are manufactured by:

– Caterpillar
– Doosan
– Hitachi
– Komatsu
– Liebherr
– Deere
– Volvo

Construction Backhoe Shipping

Backhoes are also wildly popular machines on construction sites due to their versatility. The hoe is located on the back of the vehicle, while the loading bucket sits at the front. This configuration is beneficial for excavating trenches located below the machine level, and the front bucket allows the equipment to load, lift, and unload material.

Popular backhoe transports include models from JCB, such as the 1CXT, 3CX, and 4CN, as well as Case N Series backhoe loaders, and machinery from New Holland and Caterpillar.

Construction Bulldozer Hauling

Another type of excavation machine commonly found on a construction site is a bulldozer. These machines are built to remove the layer of topsoil using a sharp-edged metal plate fixed to the front. The equipment can target soil at varying depths by raising or lowering the plate using hydraulic pistons.
Leading brands such as John Deere, Komatsu, and Bobcat are regular features on worksites throughout the U.S. John Deere has one of the most expansive selections of bulldozers available, with dozers ranging in power between 70-horsepower and 330-horsepower. Bulldozers are available in a vast range of operating weights, between approximately 16,000 lbs and 77,000 lbs. Shipping bulldozers has to be done with precision and care, because these heavy machines are important to the job.

Construction Motor Graders Transport

Motor graders, sometimes known as graders, are most commonly used in road construction projects. They’re designed to level the surface of the soil using a horizontal blade located between the front and rear wheels. While in operation, this blade is lowered to the ground to help create a flat surface that can then be used as the basis for laying asphalt. Alternatively, graders can be used to sort and remove unwanted snow or dirt from roads.

Popular brands that provide construction projects with graders include Caterpillar, Champion, Volvo, and John Deere. John Deere, for example, has more than a dozen variations of grader machinery, from the 620G to 770G. Clients in construction are always hauling motor graders for the next job.

Construction Dump Truck Towing

One of the most iconic vehicles you’ll see on a construction site is a dump truck. Often used in construction to carry materials between construction projects or to transport waste material to a dumpsite, these off-road dump trucks are handy for transporting large quantities of material. The dump bed is designed to carry debris without spilling loose contents en route. The large wheels provide stability across uneven ground conditions. Their hydraulic lift mechanisms also make it easy to empty the cargo bed once at the intended destination. Dump trucks are heavy duty pieces of construction projects. Driving them to the next site isn’t always feasible, which is why they are often transported using a heavy haul company.

Popular dump trucks include:
– Caterpillar 797F
– Terex MT6300AC
– Komatsu 960E-1
– Liebherr T284

Construction Tower Crane Hauling

On construction sites where tall buildings are being built, tower cranes are a must-have. They are fixed cranes used to hoist heavy materials, such as concrete blocks, trusses, and frames to a required height. The vertical supporting tower connects to a jib and counterweight measure that safely lifts and maneuvers heavy materials. Common brands of tower cranes used in the U.S. are Wolffkran, Terex, and Liebherr.

Transporting Construction Equipment

Heavy Haulers transports the most popular construction equipment with ease. We have repeat clients that rely on us to ship machinery safely and on time. That’s because construction equipment is pivotal for jobs and for the economy. That’s why we make sure to ship the most popular construction equipment and even the miscellaneous machinery with quality and care.

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