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Shipping a 1979 Link Belt HC238A on a RGN trailer

The Difference in Dimensions Between a Lowboy and RGN Trailer

Lowboy trailers and RGN trailers are two of the most common types used to transport oversize loads. While a lowboy trailer can be an RGN, not all RGN trailers are lowboys.

So what’s the difference? And which one should you use to ship your heavy equipment?

Speaking to a logistics agent at Heavy Haulers is the best way to find out which trailer best suits your shipping needs. However, knowledge is power, and the more you know about the nature of equipment transport, the better off you are shipping.

Let’s discuss the difference between a lowboy trailer and an RGN trailer, along with the dimensions and when it’s best to use each.

What is a Lowboy Trailer?

A lowboy trailer is a go-to for shipping if a load is over-height. Also known as a double-drop, low-bed, float, or low-loader trailer, this commercial trailer stays, well, as the name implies, low to the ground. This can help avoid excess permits and allow for clearance under bridges or powerlines, where a standard-height trailer would not.

● A lowboy trailer with two axles can accommodate a maximum freight weight of up to 40000 pounds and 80000 pounds if it has extra axles.
● It has a maximum well length of 24 to 29.6 feet.
● It has a maximum well height of 18 to 29.6 inches.
● A lowboy trailer can accommodate maximum legal width of 8.5 feet.
● Its legal freight height is 11.5 to 12 feet.

Understanding lowboy legal trailer dimensions will help you gauge what type of load you can haul using a lowboy trailer. It will also help you avoid fines and unnecessary delays.

What is a Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailer?

Removable gooseneck trailers have a detachable neck that allows the trailer to drop and act as a ramp. Any driveable equipment can roll up the ramp. It’s great for construction equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders. It’s also useful for mining equipment, farm equipment, and more.

RGN trailers allow for additional axles to carry heavier equipment.

The following are the maximum dimensions of a Removable Gooseneck trailer:

● Its maximum well length is 29ft.
● Its maximum well width is 8.5ft.
● Its maximum legal freight height is 11.6ft.
● It can accommodate a maximum freight weight of up to 42000 pounds.

Which Trailer Should I Use To Transport My Oversize Load?

Well, that depends. RGN trailers and lowboy trailers are similar. Lowboy trailers have RGN options. Lowboys trailers are commonly used for various modes of transport because of their versatility.

An equipment transport doesn’t have to be over height to use a lowboy. It could be overweight. It could be over width. And because lowboy trailers can have RGN features, you can drive equipment right on.

The best way to determine whether you need an RGN or lowboy trailer is to speak with one of our expert transport agents. We’ll find the best shipping solutions for your equipment hauling needs.

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