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What is a Fifth Wheel Transport Company?

You may have heard the term ‘fifth wheel’ and associate it purely with a type of RV, but fifth-wheel transport is more than just RV towing. While some camper trailers are referred to as fifth wheel transport, a fifth wheel configuration is not exclusively linked to RVs. There are many transport companies in the U.S. and worldwide that utilize a fifth wheel configuration when transporting vehicles and equipment.
The confusion stems from the fact that some camper trailers utilize a fifth wheel setup, so it has become a synonym for the type of trailer rather than the kind of connection. Hoovers are vacuum cleaners, but not all vacuum cleaners are Hoovers, after all!

A fifth wheel transport company is one that specializes in offering transport options that utilize the fifth wheel coupling to hitch trailers and vehicles to a cab securely. It’s not just a company that offers RV towing.

The Lowdown on Fifth Wheel Transport

The fifth wheel transport system involves a unique, horseshoe-shaped hitch that allows drivers to securely fix vehicles and trailers to the back of a vehicle. You can find them on the back of tractors, semi-trucks, and larger truck cabs. While they do indeed assist with the transportation of campers, they’re useful for much more. It offers a reliable alternative to traditional flatbed shipping and may be used in situations where other configurations are less than desirable.

A fifth wheel coupling provides a secure link between the trailer and tow truck, tractor unit, or leading trailer. Fifth wheels can also be used as a trailer-to-trailer connector for extended vehicle transport. These connectors consist of a kingpin, a vertical pin often made out of steel, and a horseshoe-shaped coupling device. This connection is mounted on the rear of the towing vehicle. When the connected truck turns, the surface of the attached trailer rotates against the immovable fifth wheel and ensures stability on tight turns.

Oversize Load

What to Expect from a Fifth Wheel Transport Company

Fifth wheel transport companies are, in essence, the same as any other dedicated transport company that is built to service your transport needs. Fifth wheel shipping options are an excellent choice for towing construction equipment and agricultural machinery, including tractors, that are roadworthy but need additional support to ensure safe travel. Fifth wheel transport companies can also offer to ship unroadworthy vehicles, utilizing a trailer that has a fifth wheel connection.

Fifth wheel shipping companies can ship a variety of vehicles, as fifth wheel couplings can safely ship imposed loads up to 74 tonnes. Mounting heights and bearing types can also vary, and weight-optimized frame assembly is possible, so that transport solutions can be customized to fit unique shipping needs.

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