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Heavy Haulers has a decade of experience in motorhome and RV transport. We ship all RV manufacturer brands anywhere in the U.S. and overseas. Whether you’re hauling a new or used motorhome, travel trailer, camper, 5th wheel, or any other RV, we’ll get it done right. Heavy Haulers is licensed, bonded, and insured for all motorhome and RV manufacturer transport services. We provide quality RV transport at affordable prices. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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Adventurer RV Logo

Adventurer LP

An adventurer LP is a recreation slide-in truck camper that boasts first-class construction and incredible features. It is packed with high end upholstery, furnishing and plenty of space aimed at enhancing your adventure trips and travels. Adventurer LP manufacturers are experts in designing and construction of innovative recreational vehicles.

Alliance RV Logo

Alliance RV

Alliance RV Manufacturers are experts in designing high-end motorhomes with signature amenities that offer extra comfort and luxury to their users. They aim at taking your travelling, camping and boondocking experience to a whole new level by facilitating you with the best camper vehicles in the industry.

Alpenlite RV Logo

Alpenlite RV

Are you snow birding from the cold Northeast to The Sunshine State and want to ship your Alpenlite RV? Well, you need not hassle about that when you can hire Heavy Haulers. We understand how highly you regard time, and we are committed to transporting your motorhome within the shortest time frame possible.

Aluminum Trailer RV Logo

Aluminum Trailer RV

ATC is a leading company that manufactures all kinds of recreation trailers to meet your outdoor adventure needs. The company fabricates different trailer modules using high-quality aluminum with other stainless steel components. Heavy Haulers transports Aluminum Trailer Company products wherever you need them to be.

Bison RV Logo

Bison RV

Bison is a recreational vehicle designed and built to accommodate and transport horses. It comes in steel and aluminum construction, slide-out living quarters, and ample storage capacity. It can be basic or lightweight or incredibly enormous and luxurious. Bison RV manufacturers are experts in designing and building horse trailers with living quarters.

Bigfoot RV Logo

Bigfoot RV

Bigfoot is a trailer manufacturing company based in Armstrong, BC, Canada. It specializes in creating high-quality travel trailers and truck campers with stand-alone designs and attention to detail. Bigfoot has made a name for itself within the North American market as a top RV manufacturer, rolling out well-thought trailer designs and durable construction.

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Blue Bird RV Logo

Blue Bird RV

Blue Bird RV is a luxury recreational vehicle, which utilizes a school bus exterior body design. The transit home is unique from its counterparts as it has its door located at its center. It is designed to enhance travel and camping experiences. At Heavy Haulers, we guarantee you a seamless Blue Bird Hauling experience.

Black Sereies RV Logo

Black Series Camper

Black series trailers are innovative campers and recreational vehicles equipped with an incredible living quarters and plenty of storage. It does well even in rough terrains and thus highly preferred for camping activities. Black Series Camper is a family-owned business which has been operational for over a decade.

Braxton Creek RV Logo

Braxton Creek RV

Braxton Creek is an RV manufacturer that provides top-quality recreational vehicles that provide travelers with functional designs that help them enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The company creates eye-catching and road-ready RVs following sound manufacturing practices.

Canterbury Logo RV Logo

Canterbury RV

A Canterbury RV is a trailer that provides its users with unique features, impressive interiors, amenities and finishing drops. They are designed to enhance your camping and travelling experience and are a perfect articulation of a real home. Canterbury RV manufacturers design and build high-quality havens with incredible outdoors for an excellent experience.

Chinook RV Logo

Chinook RV

Chinook is one of the leading companies in the RV manufacturing companies. The company was established in 1938 as Mair & Son, Inc. It is an award-winning company with an extensive inventory that comprises innovatively designed motorhomes that offer versatility and functionality for your vacation and travel needs.

Cimarron Trailer Logo

Cimarron Trailer

Cimarron trailers are customizable trailers that are particularly preferred for the animal show industry. They are specially customized to accommodate different types of animals, including horses, for shipping. Perhaps you need to transport your horse to a competition event, or you just want to enjoy a recreational ride with them.

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Coach House RV Logo

Coach House RV

A Coach House RV is an entirely self-contained recreational vehicle with plenty of room and all the luxury of a home in a narrow profile. They are built to top-industry standards in comfort, convenience, performance and design which is a reminiscence of the luxury touring motorhomes.

Coleman RV Logo

Coleman RV

Coleman Company Inc. manufactures different outdoor recreation products, among them Coleman RVs. Coleman RVs are among the most preferred outdoor vehicles for a home away from home life. These travel trailers feature stylish interior amenities, furniture, and residential grade flooring.

Country Coach RV Logo

Country Coach RV

Initially known as Country Campers, Country Coach motorhomes are luxury diesel RVs, first produced in 1979. It later went through numerous ownership changes and evolved into one of the most luxurious and quality motorhomes with the best upholstery and amenities of our times.

Crossroads RV Logo

Crossroads RV

A Crossroad RV is a lightweight travel trailer designed and fitted with innovative features to facilitate your camping experience. It also comes with plenty of space and space-saving hacks to accommodate you and everything else you carry along. The amenities packed in its interiors further enhance your camping and travelling experience.

Carriage RV Logo

Carriage RV

A carriage is a recreational vehicle equipped with fantastic upholstery and amenities to upscale your camping, vacation, or traveling experience. The trailers are designed and well-crafted to beat any rough roads and challenging terrains. Carriage RV manufacturers are professional experts in the recreational vehicle industry, creating and crafting such motor homes.

Cruiser RV Logo

Cruise RV Corp

A Cruise RV is a high-quality towable motorhome. Cruise RVs are preferred for their durability and the fact that they are lightweight and can be towable using different lighter-duty vehicles. Even better, they contain incredible features and amenities aimed at enhancing your whole traveling and camping experience. We transport all Cruise RV's!

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Dodge RV Logo

Dodge RV

Hauling a Dodge RV with Heavy Haulers means you’re confident in the shipping process. A dedicated logistics agent will provide you with all the information and handle every detail of transport. When it comes to shipping a Dodge RV we take every precaution to make sure it’s delivered time.

Damon RV Logo

Damon RV

A Damon RV is a motorhome designed and built to facilitate camping and travelling experiences. It comes with plenty of living and storage space and high-end amenities, including bedrooms, bathrooms and quartz table tops. Heavy Haulers transports both new and used Damon RVs.

DRV Suites Logo

DRV Suites

We ship your DRV Suite on time to let you tour the world. We take care of your RV during transportation, ensuring it is not affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain or extremely high temperatures. Our focus is to always get your DVR Suite to you in mint condition.

Dynamax RV Logo

Dynamax Corp

Dynamax Corp delivers top tier recreational vehicles whose interiors are of different fresh décor options designed to level up comfort and value. At Dynamax, safety comes first; they believe RVs, just like homes, provide numerous opportunities for something to go wrong.

Eagle Cap RV Logo

Eagle Cap RV

Eagle Cap RV shipping is hassle-free when Heavy Haulers comes into play. You won't have to worry about the whereabouts of your in-transit. If you'd like to track your Eagle Cap RV shipment, we provide efficient and reliable load tracking systems for your peace of mind.

East To West RV Logo

East To West RV

Heavy Haulers is committed to providing unmatched motorhome shipping solutions for the adventurous East to West RV owner. We know that every RV model comes with its unique shape and size, which calls for a shipping company that offers high-level, customized services.

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