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Heavy Haulers has a decade of experience in motorhome and RV transport. We ship all RV manufacturer brands anywhere in the U.S. and overseas. Whether you’re hauling a new or used motorhome, travel trailer, camper, 5th wheel, or any other RV, we’ll get it done right. Heavy Haulers is licensed, bonded, and insured for all motorhome and RV manufacturer transport services. We provide quality RV transport at affordable prices. Call now! (800) 908-6206

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Logan Coach Logo

Logan Coach RV

Logan Coach recreational vehicles are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Not only for you, but also for your home. The handmade interiors display impeccable craftsmanship that makes you feel home with a luxury floor plan.

Luxe RV Logo

Luxe RV

Luxe RVs display luxury and sophistication. With such an investment, you sure you need a reliable shipment company. Heavy Haulers have what it takes to transport your luxurious Luxe fifth wheel. We are focused on providing shipping services for consumers, businesses, and manufactures in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Livin Lite Logo

Livin Lite RV

Livin' Lite recreational vehicles are comfortable, versatile and lightweight. They offer campers unrivaled comfort and luxury. However, finding the right RV is not enough. You need a reliable and reputable heavy load transporter for peace of mind. This is where Heavy Haulers come in handy.

Mercedes Benz Logo

Mercedes-Benz RV

Mercedes-Benz motorhomes are luxurious and need lots of safety to transport it. That is why you need Heavy Haulers to offer professional and safe hauling services. We take pride in our team which comprises insured and licensed drivers. More so, the drivers are rigorously trained for seamless logistics.

National RV Logo

National RV

At Heavy Haulers shipping a National RV is a breeze. We provide the best truck, driver, and trailer to transport your National RV anywhere in the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Whether you’re towing a used National RV or shipping a new one to the owner, we’re here to make sure it’s done right.

Newell Coach RV Logo

Newell Coach

Securing a reliable Newell Coach hauling company can be overwhelming. The several transport companies out make the process even worse. It's a nightmare for most travellers and retirees to secure a committed company. But with Heavy Haulers, you'll get relieved of the shipping stress.

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Nexus Logo

Nexus RV

Hauling your Nexus motorhome from one location to another can be daunting. The situation can worsen if you find unreliable haulers. This will risk your RV arriving in a bad state. You don't have to go through such hassle.

Northstar Logo

Northstar RV

Transporting your Northstar camper from one location to another can be a stressful task. Finding the right RV also needs a reliable transporter. A motorhome is an expensive investment and the last thing you'd want is the machine to arrive broken or damaged.

Livin Lite Logo

nuCamp RV

Getting the right motorhome might be easy but securing a reliable transporter might be overwhelming. Don't allow your heavy investment to go down the drain by choosing unscrupulous transporters. Heavy Haulers have all the logistic planning and equipment to ship your machinery safely.


Northern Lite RV

Nothing can beat the feeling of touring your tour destination in a camper truck. Unfortunately, transporting a camper truck can take a toll on you. It's time-consuming and you risk getting your truck in bad shape. Why don't you let Heavy Haulers save you the hassle? We have been in the industry for several years and we have what it takes to haul your RV.

Leisure Travel Vans logo

Leisure Travel Vans

If you plan to move your Leisure Travel RV from a cargo-generating area to your travel destination, you need to partner with Heavy Haulers. We are passionate about transporting oversized and overweight cargo, and every day we are looking for better ways to do that efficiently. For instance, we minimize the transport time by mapping out the shortest route to the intended delivery point.

Opus RV Logo

Opus RV

Transporting Opus recreational vehicles can be a stressful task. The trailers are available in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Even a drive-away can be daunting, especially if you don't have experience with heavy machines. Maneuvering busy highways and rough terrains can take a toll on you.

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Palomino Logo

Palomino RV

Undoubtedly, shipping a motorhome is not a walk in the pack. It's a huge risk and since you've invested heavily on your cargo, you need a reliable hauling company. Need your Palomino RV on time? Heavy Haulers offer professional services in all 50 states in the USA.

Phoenix Logo

Phoenix USA RV

Whether new or pre-owned, a recreational vehicle is a huge financial investment. It gives you comfort and luxury away from home. Your road trips become enthralling and you get protected physically from any hazards. That's why a decision to choose a reliable Phoenix USA RV shipping company is indispensable.

Livin Lite Logo

Open Range RV

Open Range RVs are known for their luxury and sophistication. The extra comfortable recreational vehicles are an alternative to living in a hotel, even when you're in a jungle. Choosing the right and reputable RV shipping company will give you peace of mind.

pleasure way Logo

Pleasure Way RV

Pleasure Way recreational vehicles are designed for 21st-century adventure. No wonder the name "pleasure." All the models are equipped with modern features for added comfort and sophistication. Hence, hauling or towing them is a delicate process.

Prevost RV Logo

Prevost RV

Transporting a Prevost recreational vehicle and motorhomes seems ironic and somehow impossible, but it happens. However, the process can be daunting, expensive, and full of challenges along the way. When you're ready to move your Prevost RV, Heavy Haulers is here with you. We understand you need reliable and trusted shipping services in the US.

Prime Time RV Logo

Prime Time RV

Moving a Prime Time RV from one location to another can take a toll on you. It's also daunting if you don't have the right shipping company. That's why Heavy Haulers are here to offer the necessary help. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years.

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R-Vision Logo

R-Vision RV

Both new and pre-owned R-Vision RVs offer unmatched luxury. The motorhomes are designed with advanced amenities for more comfort. However, most consumers and businesses find it hard to secure a reliable RV shipping company.

Regency Logo

Regency RV

Owning a recreational trailer will lead to amazing adventures. However, the challenge comes when moving the RV from one location to another. Many people need to tow their Regency RV short distances. Other times you may want to haul your Regency RV for large distances, meandering through rugged terrain, extreme weather conditions, and busy highways.

Redwood Logo

Redwood RV

Touring a destination with a camper truck is the best feeling. Conversely, the transportation of camper trucks is not a bed of roses. you should come to your company to get the hauling services. Heavy Haulers is your best bet. Our company has been in the game for close to 10 years.

Rexhall Logo

Rexhall RV

Transporting a class A recreational vehicle is a task that can only be trusted with professional hauling companies. Today, there are so many freight shipping companies, making it difficult to identify a reliable one. Heavy Haulers however goes beyond claims to practically making it happen.

Renegade Logo

Renegade RV

Heavy Haulers transport Renegade RVs the right way. We pay meticulous attention to detail, making sure your Renegade RV is delivered safely and on time. With over a decade of experience Heavy Haulers has honed the shipping and transport process.

Riverside RV Logo

Riverside RV

Heavy Haulers is proud to be the top RV motorhome shipping company in the United States. We have an unwavering commitment to providing consumer-oriented Riverside RVs shipping services. We will calculate the estimates on your behalf with the aim of helping you save whether on transportation fees or acquiring administrative documents.

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