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Rebel Crusher transported on a lowboy trailer

How To Transport The Most Common Types of Mining Equipment

Heavy Haulers transports mining equipment through out the year. Everything from continuous miner transport oversize earth crushing machines are moved by trailer every day. to If you’re curious about the most common types of mining machinery and how we transport them, keep reading.

The Common Types of Mining Equipment

A wide range of equipment is used in mining sites, ranging from excavators and mining haul trucks to loaders and grinders. Below is the common equipment you’re likely to see or use in mining equipment.

Mining Drills
Drilling equipment is perhaps the most commonly used in mining activities, specifically underground mining operations. They are used to drill and loosen the mineral ore for easy transportation to the surface. Miners widely use them because they reduce the number of people working in the mines and are also cost-effective to use.

Blasting Equipment
Blasting machinery plays an integral role in mining; it is used to break or weaken hard rock into smaller pieces to enable them to access the highly sought-after mineral ore. A well-calculated amount of explosive is used when blasting the rocks. They also come in handy when the miners need to get unwanted materials blocking their access to the valuable mineral. Blasting equipment is used in open-cast and underground mining works.

Earth Moving Equipment
Earthmovers are massive equipment used to transport loose soil and dirt from one point to another within a mining site. Miners use earthmovers in ultra-heavy-duty earth-moving projects. For instance, a mining haul truck weighs between 350 to 450 tons and can carry a similar load weight making them ideal for moving incredibly large loads in fast-dynamic mining operations.

Crushing Equipment
As their name suggests, crushing machines are used for crushing giant boulders of mineral rocks. They are available in various types and jobs, improving productivity and rock reduction rate. The primary purpose of crushing the stone is to break it into manageable pieces that loader operators can easily load onto dumper trucks and conveyor belts.

Other mining machinery we transport includes, but isn’t limited to:
● Bucket Wheel Excavator Transport
● Continuous Miner Transport
● Ore Transport Services
● Roadheader Shipping Services
● Rock Duster Transport
● Shotcrete Machine Shipping
● Tunnel Boring Machine Transport
● Underground Mining Loader

How to Transport Mining Equipment

When moving mining equipment, planning is key. The process involves retrieving the necessary transport documents, safety and communication protocols, emergency response, and route surveys. Path surveys help shipping professionals check the route for tight corners, utility lines, and or roadblocks that may hinder the smooth transport of the load.

The choice of the trailer is also critical when transporting heavy mining equipment. Most of these loads are over-dimensional and measuring excessive width, length, and height. Therefore, it would be best to use lowboy or RGN trailers. For instance, moving a ‘mammoth’ mining haul truck requires tire removal to reduce the load height and an additional stinger trailer with two or three axles to expand the weight and distribute it evenly throughout the trailer.

Additionally, the load must be adequately secured using durably designed restraining chains and tie-down straps. That’s critical in ensuring that the load remains stably attached to the trailer bed so that it can withstand strong gusts of wind without any lateral displacements.

Why You Need to Partner with Professional Heavy Haulers for Mining Equipment Transport

When you hire expert heavy hauling services, you work with professionals who understand the nitty-gritty that goes into the mining process. They can handle the planning process with close attention to details. Their transport crews comprise professional drivers and technicians who service the equipment while on the road to ensure smooth transport.

Choosing a leading hauling company means you can access the most modern and technologically updated shipping rigs and equipment, including double drop deck trailers, flatbeds, lowboys and RGN trailers. A hauling company will also organize pilot car vehicles and police escort for super-duty mining equipment to ensure load safety.

You get a hassle-free shipping experience with expert heavy hauling company. They leverage advanced technological tools and equipment, such as automated logistics processes and load tracking systems. A shipping company can quickly determine the location of an in-transit load using state-of-the-art GPS technology. In turn, they provide the client with timely updates on the load’s location.

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