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We preplan routes for blasting machine consignments at heavy Haulers to ensure that your cargo reaches safely and in perfect condition. Heavy Haulers expert drivers minimize on time while seeking to secure your blasting machines while on transit. Have your blasting machine loads delivered anywhere in the US, Mexico, and Canada after a free valuation available at (800) 908-6206.

Industrial blasting machines clean, remove rust, dirt or mill scale while facing and finishing metal parts in readiness for machining or assembly. Heavy Haulers undertakes the shipping of blasting machines in their various capacities including;

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Common Blasting Machines We Transport

● Beijing Changkong Ss10a Semi-Auto Wet Sand Blast Cleaning Machine

● Trinco 48x24sl/450dlx Dry Blaster Machine

● Wheelabrator Table Blast Dust Collector

● Gibson Xt Table Blast

● Goff Tumble Barrel Blast

● Guyson Rotary Table Shot Blast Machine

● Empire Tt-20 Indexing Turn Table Blast System

● Universal Pdh-Dc200 Suction Type Blasting Machines

● BCT V4-48x8 H Part Opening Blasting Machines

● Bronco Pass-Thru Conveyor Blasting Machines

● Viking 300 Rubber Belt Tumble Blaster

● Pangborn Blast Cleaning Room

● Ful-Blast 4848-P-Dc100 Blast Cabinet

● Cardinal 6bb Tumble Blast

● Wheelabrator Super-7 Tumblaster

● Pangborn Roto Tumblast

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Transport Blasting Machines with the Professionals - Heavy Haulers!

Sand Blasting Machine

Sandblasting machines use silica sand as opposed to the metallic shot metal used in shot blasting. Also known as abrasive blasting, the generic sandblasting name stands for processes involving the smoothing, cleaning or shaping hard-surfaced by high-speed particle bombardment. Similar to using sandpaper at high frequencies, sandblasting provides an even corner and cranny finish

Blast Cabinet Machine

Blast cabinets are the enclosed casement loop systems that allow for the recycling of the blast abrasive materials and consists of; abrasive blasting system, dust collection, abrasive recycling and containment systems. Industrial blast cabinet machines process large component quantities using multiple nozzles or abrasive conveyance systems. Siphon and Pressure blasting cabinet machines are dry blasters while wet blasting cabinet machines apply abrasive in slurry form.

Shot Blasting Machines

Shot blasting is the process of cleaning, polishing, and peening or cleaning metal before it can be used for automotive, foundry and aerospace construction. Wheel and air blasting are some of the techniques by which shot blasting

Shot Peening Machine

The processes of cold working are used in the finishing part of metal product machining to prevent stress corrosive and fatigue failures, thus prolonging the parts operation life. Acting like a peen hammer, the blasted shots bombard hard surfaces by applying compression stress for a dimpled finish

Table Blast

Table blasting applications are shot blasting processes for cleaning and descaling large pieces of stock, with a principle operation of the workpiece rotating around an indexing table. Easy access of components and configurations of the shot blasting equipment are one of the advantages of table blasts, making them vital in many operations of production or machining. Table blasts facilitate the peening, cleaning, deburring, finishing, profiling, and other metal intensive surface conditioning before welding, casting, or fabrication.

Tumble Blast Machine

Tumble or barrel blasting machines provide accurate and efficient processing of fabrication, heat treating, and casting of parts with batch processing accuracy. Barrel tumble blasts use metal and rubber conveyors to provide tumbling action, which also cleans the components during operation. Highly configurable blasting machines, tumble blasts consist of a hydraulic loader, dust collector, magnetic separator and vibratory conveyors.

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

Stress-Free Blasting Machine Shipping Provided by Heavy Haulers

A Heavy Haulers blasting machine shipping arrangement provides an engagement with a personal load handler who keeps in constant one on one contact with the customer. For Heavy Haulers, customer satisfaction is a primary goal from initial contact to final delivery and beyond. Dispatchers that excel in courtesy are available on (800) 908-6206 to offer a free blasting machine shipping costs estimation.

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