Transporting Heavy Machinery and Equipment across Mexico

All our operations here at Heavy Haulers are tailor-made to suit different client needs. When shipping heavy loads to Guadalajara, we ensure clients have a say in how their shipment is handled. Clients can choose from the vast array of trailers and trucks we have at our disposal. Moreover, we ensure the client has an accurate time frame to prepare for the reception of their goods.

Our specialists and logistical coordinators ensure the process is smooth and efficient. At Heavy Haulers, we understand that the transportation of heavy and oversize loads is complex; that's why we bring our A-game to all Guadalajara heavy load transport operations. Some of the machinery we transport includes:

  • ● Construction Equipment

  • ● Farm Equipment

  • ● Oversize Cargo

  • ● Wide Load Freight

  • ● Railroad Equipment

  • ● Heavy Duty Trucks

  • ● Heavy Machinery

  • ● Oversize Loads

  • ● Overweight Cargo

  • ● Large Containers

  • ● Miscellaneous Oversize Loads

These equipment are commonly used in mining and construction. The size and weight of these machineries require that we use our trained specialists' skills and expertise. Transporting such loads to Guadalajara is easy thanks to our years of experience.

Efficient Guadalajara Heavy Load Transportation Services

We are often faced with new challenges in our line of work. For instance, clients come to us with requests to transport heavy over-dimensional loads from time to time. An over dimensional load extends beyond the standard deck of a trailer. When shipping loads to Guadalajara, we utilized flat racks and open tops, all depending on the load in transit. Some of the heavy haul equipment we use includes heavy haul trucks. Our large transporters are designed to haul engines and plant parts. Our carriers transport oversized loads accompanied by pilot vehicles. Whether it's a mining or power plant equipment, we have what it takes to make the operation successful. Some of the manufactures we ship are:

  • ● Caterpillar

  • ● Komatsu

  • ● Hitachi

  • ● Volvo

  • ● Terex

  • ● Liebherr

  • ● John Deere

  • ● New Holland

  • ● Bobcat

  • ● CASE

We use semi-trucks for transporting metal products and rolls of material that would conventionally not fit on other smaller trucks but are too small to accommodate entire spaces on the heavy trucks. Box trucks and flatbeds have designs suitable for such operations.

We transport heavy construction materials and vehicles using heavy trucks. Specialists offer all our services. When transporting loads to Guadalajara, only authorized personnel are allowed to handle the load. Carrying loads using heavy vehicles is not different.

Convenient Heavy Machinery and Equipment Transport from Heavy Haulers

Navigating through the urban landscape without proper planning is tricky. At Heavy Haulers, we have the resources to traverse cities such as Guadalajara, Jalisco to make timely and secure deliveries. Cranes are widely used across the country and therefore tops our list of commonly transported heavy loads. We ship all kinds of cranes, whether it's a mobile or immobile crane. We have resources to transport each efficiently. Our fleet of heavy machinery carriers and transporters ship cranes ranging from 450-ton capacity to Guadalajara. Among the main highways we use includes:

  • ● Fed 15D (Connects northwestward to Nogales, Sonora via Tepic, and eastward to Mexico city )

  • ● Fed 80D (runs northwest toward Aguascalientes)

  • ● Fed 54D (runs southward to the coast via Colima)

No cargo is too big or too heavy. We provide heavy load transportation to Guadalajara effectively and conveniently. From power plant machinery to civil infrastructure, we have what it takes to make shipments on time and securely. We understand that components and parts used in the construction of new plants are continuously increasing in size. Some of the plant equipment we transport include, turbines, prefabricated modules, columns, blades, and bridge components. We transport a wide range of construction equipment, including loaders. These are commonly carried for construction work or when moving equipment to a different location. Loaders, also referred to as front end loaders or bucket loaders, are widely transported for road works and building construction here at Heavy Haulers.

Common Freight Transport and Shipping Services to Mexico

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