Expert Port to Port Machinery Shipping to Taiwan

There is a growing export and import trade interest in Taiwan since it’s the 10th largest trading partner with the United States. Bilateral trade between North America and Taiwan had reached $67.4 billion by 2014, and in 2015, the exports totaled $19.09 billion. Exports of manufacturing industry materials and equipment make up nearly 29 % of the GDP in Taiwan, and imports to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico is a crucial part of her foreign trade.

Shipping construction, manufacturing, and mining machines, machine-parts, and large consignments are a Heavy Haulers' specialty, effectively delivering your shipments to and from Taiwan. Taiwan has multiple large companies, and at Heavy Haulers, we are assisting clients in accessing this critical market.

We ship to and from all the major container ports along the North American coast, where our specialist handlers and consigners bring heavy equipment for export. Ports that Heavy Haulers dispatches or picks up international consignments heading to and from Taiwan include;

Heavy Haulers can get your machinery shipped to every city in Taiwan including:
Taipei, Kaohsiung City, Tainan, Taichung City, and Keelung City.

● Baltimore, Maryland

● Charleston, South Carolina

● Houston -Galveston, Texas

● Jacksonville, Florida

● Los Angeles, California

● Miami, Florida

● Halifax, Nova Scotia

● Montreal, Quebec

● Vancouver, British Columbia

● New York, New York

● Port Everglades, Florida

● Port of Virginia-Norfolk, Virginia

● San Francisco-Oakland, California

● Savannah, Georgia

● Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

● Manzanillo, Mexico

● Tampico, Gulf of Mexico

● Veracruz, Gulf of Mexico

Heavy Haulers logisticians are regulars at these ports, bringing or collecting shipments for exporters and importers to Taiwan. We dispatch port to port, and with at your door delivery services, meaning that you won't have to lift a finger. Heavy Haulers shall process all the shipping permits, export insurance, material declarations, customs clearances, and bills of landings.

Customized Equipment Shipping Solutions to Taiwan

Heavy Haulers offers Full Container Load-FCL Less than Full Container Load-LCL or shared container freight packages for shipments to Taiwan and cuts oversize freight shipping costs with 20 foot and 40-foot containers. The process for clearing machinery or industrial equipment that’s been shipped from all locations to the ports of departure to Taiwan involves customs declarations and certificates of clearance. Call now and let's get started! (877) 380-7375

We shall also pick up your consignments that have arrived from Taiwanese ports and deliver them within time all around the US, in Canada and Mexico, including Alaska and Hawaii. Heavy Haulers managers are fluent with the customs clearance procedures and will save you time and money to clear goods destined or arriving from Taiwan. Our movements for hauls to and from the ports are well scheduled, expertly overseen by load specialists who have been succeeding on the job for more than ten years.

The ports in Taiwan where our representatives are waiting to clear your equipment and machinery freight to include;

  • ● Port of An-Ping

  • ● Port of Hualien

  • ● Port of Kaohsiung

  • ● Port of Keelung

  • ● Port of Mailiao

  • ● Port of Ma-Kung

  • ● Port of Su-Ao

  • ● Port of Taichung

Taipei, Taichung, Keelung, and Kaohsiung are the main ports in Taiwan for shipments from North America. There is an average of 20 and 35 days for cargo to travel between ports of the US, Mexico, or Canada depending on the route taken. A customs clearance process on the Taiwan side may take two or three days making total waiting period to be a month plus for goods to arrive.

Most Common Equipment Shipped to Taiwan

  • ● Construction Equipment

  • ● Heavy Machinery

  • ● Oversize Loads

  • ● Transportation Equipment

  • ● Agricultural Equipment and Products

From Dispatch to Delivery, Heavy Haulers Handles Every Step of Equipment Transport to Taiwan

Your equipment, machinery, or industrial parts shipment to Taiwan may require paperwork such as notarized titles or declarations of hazardous materials. Our free quote and onsite valuation by Heavy Haulers load specialists will ensure that all pre-export or post-import hauling services are affordably rated. We offer no-deposit shipping costs that have no hidden charges for customized international freight conveyances between North America and Taiwan.

Common Freight Transport and Shipping Services to Taiwan

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