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Transporting Axopar boats is quick and stress free with Heavy Haulers. We do all the work so that our clients can rest. We ensure that Axopar boats are fully insured and have the right paperwork before they are dispatched. We’ve invested in cranes to help us load the Axopar boats on our modern RGN or drop deck trailers. Our specialists recommend the trailer to be used after evaluating the specs of the Axopar boat to be transported. For the small Axopar boats that are in their own trailers, we load them on our trailers and transport them to the drop off location given. For the large Axopar boats in their own trailers, we offer power only shipping services. We hook them up and transport them. Heavy Haulers offer the best door to door and port to port Axopar boat transport.

In 2012, Mattila started the Axopar project with Josef Wizsniewski who is the owner and founder of the Slepsk shipyard. He innovated the new concept and design of Axopar which were ready at the end of 2012. Sakari came up with the name Axopar from his previous brands. A represented Aquador, Xo from XO boats and PAR from Paragon. Axopar Boats was solely started by Sakari Mattila. He founded and registered Axopar Holdings Oy (Ltd) and its subsidiary Axopar Boats Oy (Ltd) in March of 2014. He owned 100 percent of the company shares at the time of registration. The three shareholders bought the shares in January and February of 2015.

Secure and Safe Axopar Boat Shipping Services

Shipping Axopar boats with Heavy Haulers is safe and affordable. Our shipping cost is all inclusive with no added fees. We assign a specific agent to your shipment for easy communication. This way, our clients can always receive updates on their shipment easily and fast. For a free Axopar boat shipping estimate, contact us today at (754) 732-0936.

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