Heavy Haulers’ Reliable Delivery Schedules for Mack Truck Shipping

We are bonded, licensed, and fully regulated oversize equipment transporters who specialize in Mack truck shipping. Heavy Haulers fleet of trailers has the capacity for large, odd-shaped and heavy cargo such as the various models of Mack semi trucks that we transport. Our highly skilled logistics team is waiting to get you an affordable quote for shipping your Mack heavy duty truck.

A professional route plan for your Mack truck freight will involve specialist logisticians with the capability for goods movement from one point to another or across borders. The planning session will determine what roads your Mack truck will use, and a feasibility study was done on the port of delivery. Our Mack roll-off truck transport rigs consist of drop deck and lowboy trailers that make use of loading ramps or hydraulic lifts that keep safe, reliable delivery schedules.

For Mack truck transportation, their size and weight may prove a challenge to most freight shippers; but not Heavy Haulers. Our load specialists may decide to employ decking or piggybacking methods of Mack truck cab and chassis conveyance, or trucks may be stacked in two's on a single drop deck trailer. Your Mack truckload will be flagged as an oversize load for safety, and escort pilot vehicle convoys may be required for highway transports.

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Mack Truck Shipping That is Affordable Provided by Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers customizes many aspects of the options available to make Mack conventional day cab truck shipping affordable. We have time reflective packages such as next day delivery and expedited removal for Mack trucks that require instant displacement. A no-obligation custom freight estimate that seeks the fastest route at budget-friendly rates is available from Heavy Haulers at (800) 908-6206.

There are various types of Peterbilt Trucks and some of these include:

● MACK ANTHEM's Transport

● ANTHEM 64T Shipping

● MACK CH688's Transport

● MACK CHN613 Shipping

● MACK DM685's Transport

● MACK DM686's Shipping

● MACK CH688's Transport

● MACK DM690's Shipping

● MACK R685's Transport

● MACK R686's Shipping

● MACK DM690S Transport

● MACK GRANITE's Shipping

● MACK GRANITE 64FR Transport

● MACK GRANITE 64BR Shipping

● MACK GRANITE CV713 Transport

● MACK GRANITE GU713 Shipping

● MACK GRANITE GU813 Transport

● MACK LR's Shipping

● MACK R688's Transport

● MACK R690's Shipping

● MACK RB688's Transport

● MACK MIDLINER's Shipping

● MACK MR600's Transport

● MACK MR685's Shipping

● MACK MR688's Transport

● MACK MR690's Shipping

● MACK PINNACLE's Transport

● MACK PINNACLE 64T Shipping

● MACK PINNACLE CXU613 Transport

● MACK R600's Shipping

See More of Our Recent Mack Truck Shipments

Transporting a Mack dump truck

Transporting a Mack RD690S Dump Truck

  • Shipping From: Sutton, WV

  • Transporting To: Pompano Beach, FL

  • Specs: 1991 Mack RD690S dump truck; 26.5L x 8.5W x 11.6H; 25,500lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Daniel J.
    (754) 704-9202

Shipping a Mack daycab

Mack Daycab Transported from Douglas, GA to Pompano Beach, FL

  • Shipping From: Douglas, GA

  • Transporting To: Pompano Beach, FL

  • Specs: 1998 Mack daycab; 15L x 8W x 9H; 15,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Chad C.
    (754) 704-0244

Placeholder Image Placeholder Image

Transporting a 1998 Mack Truck

  • Shipping From: Plainfield, NJ 07063

  • Transporting To: Milford, NH 03055

  • Specs: 1998 Mack Truck;33L X 8W X 12H; 39,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Chad C.
    (754) 704-0244

Placeholder Image

Mack Truck Transport

  • Shipping From: Griffin, GA 30224

  • Transporting To: Miami, FL 33132

  • Specs: Mack Concrete Truck;33L X 8W X 12H; 31,000lbs

  • Transport Specialist: Jay H.
    (561) 562-4968

Mack daycab transported

Mack CH613 Daycab Shipped

This is an image of a Mack CH613 Day Cab (22L,8W,10H) that was recently transported by Heavy Haulers agent Brian G! This 16,000 pound Mack Day Cab was loaded in Des Moines, IA and delivered to the client 576 miles away in Whitesville, KY. Brian G. was able to arrange for a step deck with loading ramps trailer to pick up this Mack Day Cab.

Transport Specialist: Brian G.
(754) 203-9267

Shipping a Mack truck

Transporting a Mack RD688 Truck from Covington, TN to Jacksonville, FL

Heavy Haulers recently transported this 2001 Mack RD688 Truck from Covington, TN approximately 728 miles to Jacksonville, FL. Mike Phillips at Heavy Haulers was able to secure a flatbed trailer for this 2001 Mack RD688. The route took roughly 3 days to haul to Florida from Tennessee. Trust in the expertise of Heavy Haulers to get your load on the road! Call Mike Phillips to schedule your next haul.

Transport Specialist: Mike P.
(754) 203-8914

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