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Are you looking for trucking transport services that you can rely on? You can get them at Heavy Haulers. We can conveniently haul all your loads regardless of their size, weight or location. We have been in the trucking transport industry for years. This has enabled us to gain vast experience about the best transport methods for maximum efficiency. Your load is safe with our trucking drivers who are trained and responsible.

We come with all the tools required to make sure that your cargo is handled well. With our highly competent logistics team, we can get all the information we need to haul your load where you want it to go. We understand that trucking transportation takes time. Even so, we are determined to ship your goods within the shortest time possible. This helps to improve the quality of our services and prevent inconveniencing you in any way. You can visit us for more information.

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Oversize Freight Trucking is Hassle-Free

One of the reasons why we are among the best in the industry is that we can guarantee stress-free oversize trucking. You don't have to worry if your heavy load will get to your destination. You can trust us because we have the skills and equipment to meet your heavy-hauling needs. Once you visit us, we will tell you about the plan we have in mind. It will entail the path we intend to use when transporting freight on a truck and the possible delivery time. Additionally, we will give you your shipping estimate so that you can plan your budget. When doing it, we are upfront and fair at the same time. Call us now for a free shipping estimate. (800) 908-6206

  • • Driver wages and fuel account for the highest operating costs that trucking transport companies have to incur.
  • • Trucking transport brings in billions in revenue annually- it accounts for about 5% of the total America's GDP.
  • • There are about 200,000 female long haul drivers in the U.S.
  • • There are around 15.7 million trucks that operate in the United States, and the number keeps rising.
  • • Trucks require 40% more time to stop when compared to other vehicles.
  • • Most of the American trucking companies are small businesses.
  • • In Georgia, Washington, West Virginia, Texas and Utah, truck driving is the most popular occupation.
  • • Machinery makes 10.4% of the loads hauled using trucking transport.
  • • By 2026, freight trucking revenue is expected to grow by 75%
  • • 12.8% of the fuel purchased in the United States goes to trucking transport.
  • • Most truck accidents happen during lane changes.
  • • 75% of American residents depend on trucking transport for the delivery of various goods and services to their locations.

Step Deck
Trucking Transport Services

At Heavy Haulers, we use step deck trailers for our trucking shipping services. They are versatile and ideal for transporting things like hay, building materials, generators, forklifts, transformers, tanks, cars as well as massive steel coils. They come with different sizes and features to accommodate our clients' diverse needs.

Dry Van
Trucking Transport Services

Dry van trucking is also part of Heavy Hauler's truck hauling services. Most of our clients go for it because it is convenient. Our "dry vans" are large and they can carry a variety of cargo. Then, they are also high quality to ensure that your loads are protected from weather damage, theft or anything else that might destroy them.

Removable Gooseneck
Trucking Transport Services

Our removable gooseneck trucking enables you to move tall products. Heavy Hauler's RGN trailers are also ideal for overweight trucking. The trailers' fronts are detachable, and this makes them incredibly easy to use. With them, loading and offloading the cargo doesn't require too much effort.

Flatbed Trucking
Transport Services

Flatbed trucking allows us to haul different loads that include steel coils, machinery, pipes, I-beams as well as cable reels. At Heavy Haulers, we have qualified flatbed drivers who we pay well to motivate them to give you their best. We also confirm that they have many years of driving experience to be able to handle all the oversize loads they have to transport.

Long Haul
Trucking Transport Services

Long haul trucking involves transporting cargo within a 250-mile radius or more. Our long-haul drivers drive over long distances; hence, they spend less time in their homes. Although they make a lot of money that enables them to take care of their on-the-road expenses. In most cases, they use large highways. They may drive for two or more days before stopping to offload the goods.

Short Haul
Trucking Transport Services

Short haul trucking entails the transporting of loads within a 150-mile radius. Most of our short-haul drivers still get to go home at night since they only drive over a short distance. They can make as many four stops daily; loading and offloading goods at the locations. On the upside, they spend less on expenses while on the road.

Hot Shot
Trucking Transport Servies

Hot shot trucking is a specific type of trucking, which carries smaller loads which are required to reach their destinations within a short period. The drivers usually use one-ton or medium trucks. This trucking doesn't need a driver to have a Commercial Driver's License if they are transporting a load whose weight is below 10,000lbs.

Heavy Equipment
Trucking Transport Services

Heavy equipment trucking requires a lot of experience in the trucking industry. Drivers may need extra training after they have left trucking school. They use a variety of equipment which includes drop decks, roll back, step deck and hydraulic tilt trailers. To provide excellent truck hauling services here, they must be observant and focused.

Heavy Haul
Trucking Transport Services

We provide the best heavy haul trucking services around. Whether it's a miscellaneous oversize load or a heavy haul you need for the next job, we're there to get it done. Heavy haul trucking can be done with a variety of trailers, such as flatbed, RGN, hotshot and more. Heavy Haulers is the best at handling all aspects of heavy haul trucking.

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Trucking Industry Transport Services Done Right

Heavy Haulers is a trucking transportation company that's been serving the US, Canadian, and Mexican citizens for over a decade. We offer quality shipping services no matter the shape or size of your load. Anyone in need of trucking transportation services may take advantage of our affordable tow trucking and semi-trucking services. Our agents will ensure that you spend the least amount of cash on hauling by mapping out the fastest route to your residence.

Transporting trucking equipment needs experience and skill, and our drivers fit the profile. We ensure that we train our truckers and insure them as well. We may ship your trucks on one of our step deck, removable gooseneck, or flatbed trailers. If you live in a state that has weight restrictions on cargo transportation, or if our driver may pass through such a state while in transit, our logistics team will take care of the legal aspect beforehand and ensure that the paperwork is in order. We provide the best trucking transport services in the business. Call now! (800) 908-6206

Trucking Equipment and Shipping Services

The trucking industry is a key part of the US economy; transporting huge quantities of raw materials to manufacturing plants and finished products to retail stores. Also, in the construction industries, trucks may be used to mix concrete and to move rocks, boulders, and other construction material. In the manufacturing, processing, and warehousing industries, trucks are considered a key player for business.

With changing times, trucks have evolved with technological advancements. From the installation of satellite equipment to the automation of features and reduction in emissions of airborne pollutants by diesel engines, trucks have become more popular. Moreover, GPS installation in modern trucks has eased the trucking process by eliminating the traditional paper maps and finding transportation routes on a digital platform. At Heavy Haulers, we specialize in shipping trucking machinery to any destination across the US and its Mexican and Canadian borders.

We also work with the trucking industry to transport oversize and heavy equipment. Heavy Haulers has been part of the trucking industry, while serving it, for over a decade. We provide the best heavy haul trucking services available. We also support the trucking industry and drivers, knowing how hard they work and how much they sacrifice.

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


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