Complete Armored Truck Transportation Services

Shipping an Armored Truck
Shipping an Armored Truck

Heavy Haulers has been transporting loads for years now, and we pride ourselves and being an award-winning transportation company. We have specialized in this industry for over a decade; we tow anything upon your request. We are experts in towing garbage trucks, passenger buses, Armored trucks, and crane trucks. We move loads in 50 states in the US including Canada and Mexico, whatever you might be thinking that it's impossible to transport or move due to either size or weight, Heavy Haulers is here to solve that problem with our team of experts.

In some instances, some trucks cannot be transported through an open car transport either they are too heavy, too big or too tall. But here at Heavy Haulers we consider them as overweight or oversize, but we have the following truck options for hauling:

  • Low-boy carriers
  • Drive-away
  • Flat-Bed Carrier
  • Step-Deck Carrier
  • The transportation process is not easy due to custom paperwork that needs to be completed. Most of the people tend to hire people to handle paperwork for them. Do not let custom paperwork or any other legal process worry you as Heavy Haulers provides you with their excellent services at no cost. The logicians will complete the paperwork for you so you will not incur any cost or waste time doing the same. Did that make you smile? If it did, trust us to transport the yard spotter for you and we assure safety and on-time delivery.

    Call Heavy Haulers toll free at (800) 908-6206 with any questions you might have about our service; when you’re ready, request a free transport quote or set up a time for us to pick up your truck. We look forward to working for you!

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    Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

    Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:

    Let Heavy Haulers Move Your Armored Truck

    Heavy Haulers is the best option that you have and that you need to transport your Armored truck, we have been doing this kind of business for more than a decade, and now we can guarantee you that you will have the best experience in the whole process. We do not just transport trucks, but we build a relationship with our clients as we understand that this business is all about you.

    So when you think of transporting your Armored truck, think about how bets and that is what we do at Heavy Haulers. Get in touch with our customer service; they will direct you in the best way possible as here at Heavy Haulers we believe in possibilities.

    Door-to-Door Armored Truck Delivery Services

    Transporting an armored truck
    Armored Truck Shipment

    Armored trucks are used in transporting different things, many of the time valuable goods such as money, gold and any other valuable goods in large quantities. They are normally made in a unique way that will protect the things in the truck; it can be carrying people of other contents. They are mostly bulletproof, and some can withstand some degrees of heat. At Heavy Haulers, we will ensure your truck reaches the desired destination; we have different types of trucks that can carry the Armored truck depending on the size of the Armored truck.

    Before we choose the type of truck that we are going to use, our team of experts normally see the type of load to be transported, they will look into the height, width, and weight. With all the information gathered, we can find the best way to transport your load, and that meets your needs which include your budget. If we are transporting a car or any type of truck, we normally transport it to the desired location and our drivers can drive it to the drop off location or you can drive it yourself.

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