Lathe Machine Transport Services in The United States and Overseas

Let Heavy Haulers transport your lathe machine. We're experts at providing the best lathe machine shipping solutions. Whether you need to transport a lathe to Alaska or Hawaii, or even overseas, we're here to do it. We handle all lathe machine shipping and transport needs. Your dedicated transport specialist will provide details to ship your lathe machine. They'll guide you on preparing it for transport, what to do when the driver arrives, and what to do when delivered.

Heavy Haulers provides the best lathe machine transport experience available. We haul all oversize machinery and equipment wherever you need it to be. Shipping a lathe machine with us, means getting the quality transport you deserve. We only work with expert drivers to make sure your equipment gets delivered safely. Hauling a lathe machine with us, means you can have confidence your equipment is treated with care. Call now for a free shipping estimate! (800) 908-6206

Shipping a optimum th3309d
Optimum th3309d lathe machine being shipped

Shipping a Lathe Machine with Heavy Haulers Means Quality Service

Our services include loading and unloading, no matter how challenging the rugged terrain or how tight the urban streets. We choose the right trailer, rated for your lathe, and a rig strong enough to pull it anywhere from Canada to Mexico or any state in the U.S. Choosing Heavy Haulers means that you're in professional hands. We specialize in moving heavy equipment, whether just one lathe or an entire portfolio of machinery gear. Our heavy duty trailers and flatbed trucks can fit any size lathe.

A lathe machine is one of the most popular pieces of machining equipment. It's often used in metal working, wood turning, and even glass working. It's used to perform basic actions such as tapping, turning, drilling, and turning. Lathe machine transport is essential to your business. That's why at Heavy Haulers we provide the best lathe machine shipping solutions. Let's get your lathe machine transported now! Call now for a free shipping estimate! (800) 908-6206

Recent Lathe Machines Transported by Heavy Haulers

Hauling 1985 Okuma MC4VA lathe machine.

Shipping 1985 Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine

Origin: Detroit, MI

Destination: Evansville, IN

This is a 1985 Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine Heavy Haulers recently shipped. It was picked up in Detroit, MI and delivered to its destination in Evansville, IN. This particular Okuma Lathe Machine had to be forklifted on and off the trailer as well as fully tarped to be hauled. Jamie at Heavy Haulers was able to arrange that on our clients behalf. Call Jamie at Heavy Haulers to schedule your next freight shipment:

Call Specialist:
(754) 203-8738
Jamie Horvath
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Hauling 1985 okuma MC4VA lathe machine.

Transporting 1985 Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine

Origin: Detroit, MI

Destination: Evansville, IN

Let Heavy Haulers handle your next shipment. Jamie at Heavy Haulers recently transported this 1985 Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine. This Okuma Lathe Machine was picked up in Detroit, MI and delivered to its destination in Evansville, IN. Heavy Haulers agent Jamie is prepared to arrange your next shipment anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada. Call Jamie at Heavy Haulers today:

Call Specialist:
(754) 203-8738
Jamie Horvath
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Shipping a 1985 Okuma MC4VA lathe machine.

Hauling 1985 Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine

Origin: Detroit, MI

Destination: Evansville, IN

This is an Okuma MC4VA Lathe Machine. This Machine was 8 feet 2 inches long, 6 feet 4 inches wide and 8 feet 6 inches tall. This Okuma Lathe Machine was picked up in Detroit, MI and delivered to its destination approximately. 470 miles away in Evansville, IN. The total weight of this Lathe Machine was 12,500 pounds. If you are looking to have your cargo shipped call Jamie at Heavy Haulers today:

Call Specialist:
(754) 203-8738
Jamie Horvath
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Heavy Haulers provides all transport services including:

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Shipping your lathe machine

We Haul Lathe Equipment in all 50 States!

Whether controlled by computers or by conventional human interaction, the lathe is a tool that is impossible for manufacturers to live without. It can be powered by a constant or variable RPM and works best for producing single pieces or small batches of product. We transport lathe machines all over the country and can help you set your machine up for business. Shipping a lathe machine from state to state is done with ease. We provide top quality lathe machine transport solutions. Whether you're hauling across town, or shipping to Alaska, we're here to help.

We Transport Mini Lathe Machines Too!

The Mini Lathe has a large personality. Creative types can find these tools through companies like Grizzly Industrial, Harbor Freight and Micro-Mark. Easier to use than larger lathes, the mini lathe is intended for individuals and small business owners who create precision products. While easier to transport through traditional means, a precision instrument such as the mini-lathe deserves the TLC of a professional transport company like Heavy Haulers. We ensure that you receive your tool in perfect condition and ready to use. At Heavy Haulers we make sure to provide top quality care when shipping a mini lathe machine. Call now! (800) 908-6206

Moving your mini lathes

Towing your Horizontal or Vertical Lathe

Horizontal/Vertical Lathes Shipping Services

Lathes come in different sizes and with different capabilities. Vertical and horizontal lathes are made from the same general parts, with one exception. A vertical lathe stands on its end, taking up less room. A machinist working with a vertical lathe might have to get used to working up and down instead of horizontally, and generally it's a matter of personal preference as to what type of lathe you choose. Whatever you choose, we can transport it from the manufacturer to your doorstep, whether you live in rustic Texas or the middle of the Big Apple. We provide custom horizontal and vertical lathe shipping solutions. Whatever your transport needs, we're here to make it happen. Let's get started! (800) 908-6206

Transport a Metal Lathe with Heavy Haulers!

If you're working with hard materials like metal or plastic, you'll need to use a lathe that is strong enough to cut through the material. In general, metal lathes or metalworking lathes are the umbrella term for those used in other industries as well. The various types of metal lathes, including centering lathes, toolroom lathe, turret lathe/capstan lathe and multi-spindle lathes, provide a wide range of cutting abilities for those involved in the metalworking field through choice or employment. Heavy Haulers Transport can deliver your metal lathe to your place of business efficiently so that you don't have to worry about damaging sensitive parts of the machine. We understand shipping a metal lathe is important to your livelihood. That's why we take the utmost care and precautions when transporting a metal lathe. Call now and get a free shipping estimate! (800) 908-6206

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Metal Lathe

shipping your lathe machine

How To Ship a Lathe Machine with Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers knows how to ship your Lathe machine from one shop to the next. While these heavier machines may not need an extended trailer, their weight requires one with multiple axles. Lighter models may simply need a pick-up truck or smaller rig to maneuver through manufacturing districts. Either way, we'll provide the best lathe machine shipping solution.

The best way to find what will work for your lathe machine transport is to give us a call. A dedicated shipping specialist will provide you with the details to prepare your lathe machine for shipping. They'll also let you know what to do when the driver arrives, and what to do upon delivery. We want you to have a confident lathe machine shipping experience. Call now and let's get started! (800) 908-6206

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Lift

Lathe Machines Finest Towing Services with Heavy Hauler (800) 908-6206

Need lathe machines towing services? When towing your lathe machinery, you must go for the best and most affordable company in the market. Heavy Haulers are the finest when it comes to towing jobs. We have a dedicated team of experts that is goals and quality oriented. Our team does not gamble on the towing quality. Our team of customer service offers you a quotation of your probable budget for free. Give us a call today and get a free budget quotation from our most friendly customer service team.


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Lathe Machine Manufacturers We Transport

Heavy Haulers ships lathe machines from any and all manufacturers. Below are just a few lathe machine manufacturers we've shipped.

  • Acramatic

  • Acu-Rite

  • AeroTech

  • Bandit

  • Bosch

  • Burny

  • Centurion

  • Cincinnati

  • C-Tek

  • Datron

  • Dooson

  • DynaPath

  • Edge

  • Enroute

  • Emco

  • Fadal

  • Fanuc

  • FlashCut

  • GE

  • Gemini

  • GSK

  • Haas

  • Hurco

  • Hyundai

  • Ingersoll

  • Koike

  • Komo

  • Laserdyne

  • Leading

  • Locshun

  • Masterwood

  • Mazak

  • Mitsubishi

  • NC Studio

  • Northwood

  • Okuma

  • OmniTurn

  • OSAI

  • Pacer

  • Precision

  • Precix

  • RoboTool

  • Roland

  • Romero

  • Sabre

  • Shinx

  • Siemens

  • Taurus

  • Tecno

  • Turmaster

  • Vernon

  • Weihong

  • Yeager

  • Zeus

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Max Weight: 48,000 lbs. | Max Length 53 ft.
| Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 8.5 ft.

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Double Drop
Deck Trailer

Max Weight: 45,000 lbs. | Max Length 29 ft.
| Max Width 8.5 ft. | Max Height 11.5 ft.

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