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Heavy Haulers are the most dependable and versatile melting machine hauling company for the US, Mexico, and Canada. Our multi-axle flat and drop deck trailers are aimed at making heavy equipment hauling a breeze which we have been successful at for the last ten plus years. Heavy Haulers service offerings make sure all the aspects of your substantial melting machines cargo is moved by experts who are available 24/7.

Single fluid transportation of your melting machine will not only save costs but also provide the fastest and safest means of shipping. Our lowboy and flat deck RGN trailers present a lower gravity center which allows seamless rollover and stability to the melting machine loads being hauled. Heavy Haulers strives to find the most affordable melting machine shipping prices to stay in your budget.

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For heating solids to a melting point, Heavy Haulers delivers heavy duty melting machines, while thermal processes alter the molecular characteristics of materials by temperature elevations. Metal melting machines help to increase the ductility, while induction furnaces apply induction to melt copper, iron, aluminum, steel, and precious metals. These clean, controllable, and energy-efficient melting machines make the process seamless as opposed to other smelters.

Common Melting Machines Heavy Haulers Transports

  • • Pillar AB7102-107/MKII Scanner Induction Heat Treat System
  • • Inductotherm UPE-9-25-10 9600 Hz Melting Machine
  • • American Induction Stainless Steel Melting Machine
  • • Elatec Vacuum Induction Melter
  • • Ajax Pacer-II 540 KVA Internal DEI Water Sys Melting Machine
  • • Inductotherm VIP-MK-IV Coreless Induction Power Supply Melting Machines
  • • Midland Ross Robotron 08007-06 Induction Heat Treat
  • • Tocco Toccotron 5E Unitizer
  • • American Induction Stainless Steel Melting Machine
  • • Pillar MK11 200 Kw 3 Khz Heat Station
  • • KW Inductotherm 75-30R 625 Hz Dual Trak Power Supply
  • • Ajax Tocco Toccotron Melting Machine
  • • Westinghouse 150K67 Melting Machines
  • • Lepel T-100-3-KC-TL Melting Machines
  • • Inductotherm 50-500 500 Horizontal Power Supply Melting Machines
  • • Inductotherm 1000-5CR 700 Hz Melting Machines

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


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