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Moving railway equipment from a manufacturing plant to the depot, or from one station to another may not be as simple as transporting other equipment. These specialty maintenance rigs, axels, and cars are all designed to travel with ease along the narrow railways of North America – but there are many places where one rail line doesn't meet the next. For companies or government bodies that need their personal cars, cabooses, tie cranes, or speed swings moved from one place to the next, there's only one reputable choice that can handle any heavy equipment shipment, anywhere – Heavy Haulers.

Heavy Haulers is a niche shipping company specializing in oversized equipment and heavy machinery shipment into even the most remote locations of Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. We also move your outsized gear in a convoy along the fast-moving highways of North America and through the busy urban streets in the nation's largest cities. Our drivers are experienced enough to navigate in even the roughest terrain, double-insured and bonded for their protection and to give you peace of mind about your equipment shipment.

Learn How Heavy Haulers Transports Railroad Equipment in All States, Canada, and Mexico

Railway gear transport can take many forms. Moving a simple pushcart can be done using a standard flatbed trailer and regular rig, while larger pieces of equipment, such as personnel carriers, boxcars, and cabooses may need an outsized removable gooseneck trailer and a powerful rig with enough torque to handle the load safely. These drivers have the experience to keep your loads balanced and secure, even in the formidable Canadian snow or the wilting heat of the Southwest.

For seamless transfer of your railway equipment, whether just one piece or a convoy, trust the experts at Heavy Haulers. Our expert logisticians can carefully plan your routes, allowing you to start your next job on time and on budget. We offer a FREE, no obligation quote for many of the larger pieces of equipment listed below – and if you don't see yours, just ask! Start today with a phone call to (800) 908-6206.

Heavy Haulers Ships All Railroad Equipment Including:

  • Autoracks

  • Covered Hoppers

  • Flatcars

  • Gondola Rail Cars

  • Open Wagons

  • Railroad Maintenance Vehicles

  • Railroad Speeders

  • Refrigerators Cars

  • And more!

Recent Railroad Equipment Heavy Haulers Has Transported

2007 shuttle wagon rail car transport.

Shipping a 2007 Shuttlewagon Rail Car

Origin: BATESVILLE, AR 72501

Destination: BROWNSVILLE, TX 78526

Specs: 2007 Shuttlewagon Rail Car; 20L X 10W X 11H; 46,000 lbs

Call Specialist:
(754) 242-9946
Stephen L.
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2001 trackmobile model 4150 transport.

Hauling a 2001 TRACKMOBILE MODEL 4150

Origin: ROSENBERG, TX 77471

Destination: SHELBYVILLE, IN 46176

Specs: 2001 TRACKMOBILE MODEL 4150; 42,500 LBS X 20L X 9.8W X 12H

Call Specialist:
(754) 242-9946
Stephen L.
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2001 trackmobile model 4150 transported to IN.

Transporting a 2001 TRACKMOBILE MODEL 4150

Origin: ROSENBERG, TX 77471

Destination: SHELBYVILLE, IN 46176

Specs: 2001 TRACKMOBILE MODEL 4150; 42,500 LBS X 20L X 9.8W X 12H

Call Specialist:
(754) 242-9946
Stephen L.
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Railroad equipment shipping
Railroad equipment hauling
Railroad equipment hauling

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Common Railway Equipment Heavy Haulers Can Move Across The Continent

Heavy Haulers transports your railway gear anywhere in North America using professional, bonded drivers. Services include mechanized maintenance gangs, boxcars and personnel carriers, cabooses, and axels and other equipment.

Rail Gear

Most rail gear includes everything from wheels and axels to the axle boxes, springs, and railway equipment that your trains need to flow smoothly. These items are considered passive equipment, as they don't provide the power to move. They can be shipped on flatbeds or in enclosed containers, depending on the load and the composition.


A caboose is essential to helping your rail crew safely maintain the load balance and integrity of the axels. Attached to the back of the train, it provides a sheltered place for rail crews to ensure that the train is on balance and to watch for shifting loads or any potential damages. These can be shipped alone or as part of a convoy including other railcars.

Tie Crane

Tie cranes are part of railroad maintenance and can be used to add or remove railroad ties as well as pick up larger debris, such as broken equipment, from the railside. These are part of larger mechanized maintenance gangs that include spike pullers and speed swings. They may be transferred on an RGN trailer alone or with the rest of your railway maintenance equipment.

Box Car

Boxcars are the standard shipment vessel for many trains. They're either reclosed or have an open top to load goods from hazardous materials to grain, perishable foodstuffs, and consumer goods. Boxcars are generally transported on a low trailer, with a powerful rig.

Push Cart

A pushcart is a small, yet necessary piece of equipment that can either be hand powered or mechanized. It rides along the railways looking for damages in order to preserve the safety and efficiency of rail lines.

Spike Puller

Spike pullers are used to drive, remove, and replace railway spikes. They're mechanized and used as part of regular maintenance of rail lines. They may be shipped in a regular flatbed trailer in a convoy with the rest of your maintenance gang.

Personnel Carriers

Personnel carriers are typically used to transport large numbers of troops from one location to the next. Their size and budget-friendly capability make them a great choice for moving a division from one base to another, or from a base to a deployment site.

Speed Swing

Speed swings are a critical part of railway maintenance. These versatile pieces of equipment do a lot fo the heavy lifting for railway maintenance, including placing ties, rails, and moving bundles of spikes. Due to their weight large size, they need an RNG trailer and rig capable of carrying the load and possibly permits to ship.

Railroad Axles

Railroad axels are pieces of equipment that are affixed to the cars and locomotives of a train. These are typically shipped from one plant to the next, although some train companies may ship the axels at their depot to affix onto cars themselves.

Cable Car

Cable car transports that Heavy Haulers deploy for your cargo carry flexible options for accommodating height, length, and weights. Do not allow messed up DIY expeditions or inexperienced contractors mar your oversize cable car load transport venture, which will ultimately be expensive.


We are here to make a cost and time compelling offer that securely delivers your locomotive cargo to any location within North America. Our overweight, oversize machinery transport section that deals with locomotive moving will handle all your federal, state, or county permits.


The transportation of a large monorail is one that needs significant expertise and specifications for haulage. Heavy Haulers ensure that your monorail arrives at your door safely and within stipulated deadlines. Pristine or reconditioned, your monorail transport is what our business has been built on.

Aerial Tramway

Ours is a professional transportation team that relies on over ten years of nationwide extensive heavy load hauling expertise. We have a comprehensive fleet and partners who offer aerial tramway transport throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico and networks to better meet customer demand for heavy cargo moving. Call Heavy Haulers now on (800) 908-6206, and we shall make available options of tri-axle trailer options to facilitate your aerial tramway transportation.


A trolley requires a Heavy Haulers multi-axle trailer for safe and comprehensive deliberate haulage. The weight rated drop deck or lowboy trailers that legally carry trolleys is a vestige of Heavy Haulers. Ten years' worth of experience in oversize goods transport has resulted in our expert logistic dispatching and management. A free valuation that incorporates your schedule and deadlines will set the trolley on the way with a toll-free call at (800) 908-6206

Subway Car Shipping

A lot of money goes into the purchase of new rail cars, and it understandable to be skeptical about whoever you hire to transport a subway car. The towing industry has many companies. Most of them lack the resources and expertise to handle the shipment of such heavy loads. At Heavy Haulers, we don't just say, but we get the job done.

Tamping Machine Transport

Every shipment gets treated with respect, and every hauler we associate with our tamping machine transport service is highly trained, respectful, and insured. Our tamping machine haulage service provides a hassle-free option for anyone looking to transport railroad equipment safely. Let’s get started! (800) 908-6206

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