Rely on Heavy Haulers to Ship Your Boom Lift Anywhere in the U.S.

2006 JLG G9 Boom Lift transport
2006 JLG G9 boom lift being shipped

You can count on Heavy Haulers to safely transport your boom lift across the country – even into Canada or Mexico. Whether you're shipping just the lift from one job site to the next or transferring it along with other pieces of construction equipment, Heavy Haulers can take care of it all. We can combine shipments and deliver everything you need safely across state lines and borders. Talk to one of our experienced transportation professionals to learn more about partial load transport. Call Heavy Haulers today for a custom shipping estimate at (800) 908-6206.

Shipping Your Boom Lift with Professionals - (800) 908-6206.

Like scissor lifts and other aerial work platforms, boom lifts is another way for professionals among multiple industries to gain access to hard to reach areas where they must work. There are two basic types of boom lift designs, and Heavy Haulers can securely transfer both.

The articulating, or "knuckle" booms have multiple sections that articulate, creating an ariel platform that allows workers to gain access to places that are otherwise blocked or have obstacles.

Telescopic Boom Lifts are a differing sort of high-level work platform. These lifts reach horizontally toward your destination, instead of vertically. Also known as "stick booms," these platforms allow reach over unstable terrain or other obstacles to complete a job.

Recent Boom Lifts Transported by Heavy Haulers

JLG 1850SJ Boom Lift Transported to NY from FL on an RGN Trailer

Boom Lift Transported On a Double Drop Trailer by Heavy Haulers

Milos Visnjic is the versatile shipper of this JLG 1850SJ Boom Lift which was picked up in Jacksonville Florida for delivery to East Bethany, in upstate New York. The 60,000 pounds Boom Lift was loaded onto a double drop deck trailer for the 1065 mile cross country journey, after the overweight cross-state permits were ready. Milos and the Heavy Haulers team took on the 48 ft. long, 8.2 ft. wide and 10 ft. high boom lift and delivered with the boom supported by the high deck above the rear axles.

Transport Specialist: Milos Visnjic
(754) 203-9257

48,000lbs Haulatte HA132RTJ boom lift shipped to Ohio

Haulatte HA132RTJ Boom Lift Shipped On an RGN Trailer to Ohio

This 48,000lbs Haulatte HA132RTJ boom lift was shipped to Shiloh, Ohio from Birmingham, Alabama by Brian G. and the experienced Heavy Haulers equipment handlers. Brian G. loaded the 8.2 ft. high boom lift onto an RGN trailer from Heavy Haulers that had the capacity for its 48,000-pound weight, and 10 ft. width. Since the 38.9 ft. long Haulatte HA132RTJ boom lift was 2,000 pounds above weight limit while also exceeding in width, Brian G. sourced permits for the 653-mile journey.

Transport Specialist: Brian G.
(754) 203-9267

JLG SkyTrak 10054 Boom Lift hauled intrastate in Colorado

JLG SkyTrak 10054 Boom Lift Hauled to Colorado Springs, Colorado

This 10 ft. high JLG SkyTrak 10054 Boom Lift was shipped intrastate from Denver to Colorado Springs, in Colorado State by Travis; a Heavy Hauler's logistics manager and load specialist. This lift weighed 34,000 pounds and had a width of 8.5 ft. which did not necessitate permits. After arranging for its transport insurance, Travis loaded the 25 ft. long JLG SkyTrak 10054 Boom Lift onto a Heavy Haulers RGN trailer with the boom secured onto the rear high deck above the axles.

Transport Specialist: Travis
(813) 492-8263.

Shipping a JLG 800A Articulated Boom Lift on an RGN Trailer

Let Chris Kyle transport your next JLG lift! This JLG 800A man lift was recently picked up in Tucson, AZ and delivered to its destination in San Jose, CA. This particular JLG lift was 37 feet long, 8 feet wide, 10 feet high and weight approximately 35,000 pounds. If you are looking for a reliable company to get your next shipment of freight transported call Chris Kyle at Heavy Haulers.

Transport Specialist: Chris
(239) 256-2733

26,000lbs 2006 JLG G9-43 Boom Lift hauled to IL

Brian H. at Heavy Haulers recently transported this 2006 JLG G9-43 boom lift. This client needed a same day pick up. Brian H. was able to secure a carrier within the first hour of contact. This JLG boom lift was picked up in Yale, SD and delivered to Rockford, IL. It was 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, 8 feet high and 26,000 pounds. Call Brian H. for more information on your next quote:

Transport Specialist: Brian H
(754) 203-8979

Loaded a Genie S60 Telescopic Boom Lift on a hotshot trailer

Heavy Haulers recently hauled this 2006 Genie S60 Telescopic Boom Lift from Harrisonville, New Jersey, to Nixa, Missouri. The trip was more than 1,130 miles long. Weight: 20,000 pounds. Length: 28 feet. Width: 8 feet 2 inches. Height: 8 feet 9 inches. To haul your telescopic boom lift anywhere in the country, talk to Mike at Heavy Haulers directly at:

Transport Specialist: Milos Visnjic
(754) 203-8914


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Shipping a Genie Z-45/25 Articulated Boom Lift

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Genie Z-45/25 Articulated Boom Lift from Overland Park, Kansas, to Denton, North Carolina. The trip was more than 1,000 miles long. To ship your articulated boom lift anywhere in the country, speak with Brian at Heavy Haulers directly at: (754) 203-9267.

Transporting a Haulotte HA132RTJ Telescopic Boom Lift

Heavy Haulers transported this Haulotte HA132RTJ Boom Lift for a new customer. This journey began in Birmingham, AL and ended nearly 700 miles away in Shiloh, OH. Length: 38 ft. 8 in. Width: 10 ft. Height: 8 ft. 2 in. Weight: 48,000 lbs. If you need your heavy equipment transported call Brian G. at Heavy Haulers to receive your quick quote today. -: (754) 203-9267

Hauling a JLG 460SJ Boom Lift on a hotshot

Does your JLG Lift need a lift? Well then you’re in luck because Heavy Haulers has what you need and want! Top rated with the BBB? ...Yes. Great reviews? ...More yes. Known for solid customer service? I said yes! Put down the questions and pickup your phone and call us to see for yourself. This lift was quickly and safely towed to its next job site ready to work. If your business needs a lift to the next construction site, whether an actual lift or any other heavy equipment and machinery, call the company called by all to haul - Heavy Haulers. Brian Goncharsky is ready to provide you with your next quote: (754) 203-9267

Shipping 1999 Terex TB60 4x4 Boom Lift

Does your 1999 Terex TB60 Boom Lift need a lift? Heavy Haulers is the company to call because we haul it all! From small to big we’re the ones for the gig. Usman added this boom lift to his fleet because his company signed their largest job of the year and after confirming that Heavy Haulers is top rated with the BBB he trusted us to transport his new investment. Our first time customers become return customers, no doubt it about. Thanks for the opportunity, Usman. We hope your company keeps growing and we can’t wait to haul you to the next job site! Contact Brian Hatfield and tell him all about your next deadline and he’ll take care of you: (754) 203-8979

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Have a load to be moved? Move with Heavy Haulers and get you and your company featured right here! We love sharing our moves and don't mind putting your name on it!

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Have a load to be moved? Move with Heavy Haulers and get you and your company featured right here! We love sharing our moves and don't mind putting your name on it!

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Lift


Heavy Haulers has your back through the entire shipping process:

 ● ✓ We will transport your Boom lift to all 50 states – including overseas.
 ● ✓ Your load always travels insured – we are a professionally bonded company
 ● ✓ We will provide all paperwork for weigh stations, destination, and permits
 ● ✓ Friendly drivers available to speak with during shipping
 ● ✓ Free Fast equipment shipping & transport quotes available – (800) 908-6206

Come see the difference that experienced professionals can make with YOUR container unloader shipping needs. Heavy Haulers as the right sized equipment, carefully inspected and calibrated to safely move your expensive equipment.

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


heavy haulers logistics agents

We Are Ready To Help You Haul Your Equipment!

Boom Lift Loaded on a flatbed trailer


Heavy Haulers has the experience with the right equipment to ship your boom lift. Boom lifts ship as oversized loads and may need special permitting for city streets or narrow highways. Most boom lifts can be transported on RGN trailers or flatbed trailers, depending on the weight and length of the boom.

Some boom lifts with attachments such as compressed air connectors for power tools, electrical outlets, or carrying frames for windows. Each of these elements must be secured to protect the delicate wiring and ensure that the boom lift travels safely contained. Protecting the tilt sensors is especially important. To ensure this, you'll need professional route planning, to make sure your oversized load can travel safely along each street and possibly a team of escort drivers. Moving these large articulated lifts requires drivers certified in driving larger rigs and transporting larger loads.

We Know How to Transport all Types of BooM Lifts.

Boom lifts, due to their weight and size, should be transported by a heavy hauling company. When you need a boom lift for electrical work or a construction project, we can safely deliver your equipment even through undeveloped terrain. For window washing or repair in cities, we can deliver there, too. Our drivers are certified to handle deliveries through congested city streets and tight traffic. These are the types of Boom lift Heavy Haulers can move:

Lift transportation For:

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your Construction Lift

Boom Lift Towing Services
How to Decide Towing VS Shipping

Need a Boom Lift towing service? Heavy Haulers is North America's largest towing service provider. We provide towing services for all heavy machinery, including light, medium, and heavy-duty equipment. We have operated in the industry for more than a decade, and we have the experience, the best towing vehicles, and the best towing personnel who will ensure your Boom Lift is in its destination right when you need it. Call us today on (800) 908-6206 and experience the best towing services ever.