Transport Your Telehandler and Accessories with Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers understands the demands of the industrial construction and agriculture. When you need to transport your telehandler from one place to the next, cutting corners and improperly loading or shipping it can be dangerous. The transportation experts at Heavy Haulers are bonded, insured, and trained to treat your telehandler with care and diligence. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation custom quote (800) 908-6206.

Telehandlers are ideal to lift and reach in areas where a traditional forklift is unable to go. From obstructed job sites to rough terrain, the forklift attachment of your telehandler can move your items or debris safely over rough ground.

The bucket attachment for your telescopic handler is especially useful for farming and agriculture, moving loads to and from different places that a smaller bucket loader can't reach. Telehandlers can also work with crane jobs, allowing heavier or awkward loads to be lifted. Some models even have attachments for rotators, grain buckets, and other power lifts. The telescopic handler is a very versatile piece of equipment.

Heavy Haulers can handle shipping your telehandler
Telehandler shipping

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We employ trained logistics professionals to determine the best route to ship your telehandler. Part of our job is examining rough terrain and back roads, planning the best way to get your gear even into remote areas of Mexico, Canada, or Alaska. We also handle the weighing and border paperwork, making sure that your delivery isn't tied up with unnecessary delays.

We take care to preserve the function of your equipment and accessories. Heavy Haulers understands that your heavy equipment needs to arrive safe and secure. We use properly rated trailers and trained loaders to ensure the pieces of the machine arrive intact.

Recent Telehandlers Transported by Heavy Haulers

Shipping a Caterpillar TH255 Telehandler

Heavy Haulers recently shipped this Caterpillar TH255 Telehandler from Vallejo, California, to Orange Grove, Texas. The journey was nearly 1,860 miles long. Weight: 10,800. Length: 12 feet. Width: 6 feet 3 inches. Height: 7 feet 4 inches. To ship your Caterpillar telehandler where you want, when you want it, contact Sam at Heavy Haulers directly at (954) 703-1105.

Hauling a JGB G642A Telehandler with Attachments

Heavy Haulers recently hauled this JGB G642A Telehandler from Colt, Arkansas, to Wylie, Texas. The journey was nearly 400 miles long. Four attachments also made the trip. Weight: 21,000. Length: 22 feet. Width: 7 feet. Height: 8 feet. To ship your telehandler where you want, when you want it, contact Tye at Heavy Haulers directly at (954) 839-8629.

Transporting a Haulotte HA132RTJ Telescopic Handler

Brian G. at Heavy Haulers was able to get this Haulotte HA132RTJ lift transported for one of his clients. This journey began in Birmingham, AL and ended 651 miles away in Shiloh, OH. Length: 38 ft. 8 in. Width: 10 ft. Height: 8 ft. 2 in. Weight: 48,000 lbs. If you need any equipment transported call Brian G. at Heavy Haulers today! (954) 603-1344

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Genie Z-45/25 Articulated Lift In Transport

Heavy Haulers Moves Many Telescopic Handlers

Heavy Haulers drivers carefully measure your equipment, ensuring that our transport trucks and vessels are able to safely and properly carry your load. We secure both the telehandler and any attachments needed. On the ground throughout the U.S., we work closely with the transit authorities from numerous states and large metro areas in order to make sure that we can route equipment through major thoroughfares in busy urban areas. Our goal is to have your equipment at its destination in the shortest amount of time – we know you're on a tight schedule and we're here to help you reach your deadlines. Every location in our nationwide network also offers secure storage.

Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


Types of Equipment Heavy Haulers has Experience Transporting

Trust Heavy Haulers to transport any brand of equipment you own. Most of our drivers are experienced heavy-machinery operators who can safely maneuver your loads aboard our trailers. Some of the brands we have shipped include:

Telescopic Handler being transported on a flatbed trailer


Heavy Haulers has the certified drivers and properly rated equipment to ship your telescopic handler. These larger vehicles typically ship as oversized loads, needing paperwork for weigh stations, larger trailers such as an RGN trailer or flatbed, and possibly an escort convoy through busy urban areas.

Heavier telescopic handlers require multi-axle trailers. Services from Heavy Haulers to safely transport your telescopic handler include properly securing the wheels with thick chains for safety, as well as the forklift portion, keeping the rig tight and preventing the arm from moving during shipment. Professional logisticians can make sure you have timely delivery and all necessary paperwork, especially when shipping internationally.

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