The Experience to Handle Slitter Machine Shipping

Heavy Haulers has specialized shipping departments for heavy machinery or equipment such as slitter machines. Modern equipment is used to load or unload free-standing slitter machine cargoes on our multi-axle trailers. Call us now and speak to a dispatch coordinator who will have the perfect carrier for your slitting line machines within the hour.

Efficiency is top of our core objectives during your employment of our rigs for all your slitter machine cargo requirements. Our Heavy Haulers slitter machine transport is top-notch and delivers on time.

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Slitter Machine and Slitting Line Uses and Specifications

Slitter machines that we ship are used in the metal shearing process to cut full metallic coils into narrow strips as the workpiece moves through the circular blades. Slitting line machines have specifications of slitting thin materials and can be used for controlling the width of the metallic coils. An upper and lower slitting blade draws workpieces of sheet or coil rolled metal with results dependent on the thickness of the materials, tolerances for slitting, and type of workpiece material. Also called slitter rewinders, slitting line machines make cuts on material with cutters using techniques like blade in the air, grooved roll, kiss shearing, wrap or score shearing.

Common Slitter Machines Heavy Haulers Transports

  • • Pinnacle 144 Slitter Rewinder
  • • Ruesch 76 Ring Slitter Machine
  • • Lockformer Auto Guide Slitter
  • • National Standard Slitting Line
  • • AKV Loop Slitting Line
  • • Ferrara TK-1624 16 Gallon Gang Slitter
  • • PA Industries PPR-100 115 V Slitter Machine
  • • Ruesch 149 Steel Stripper
  • • Precision Double Loop Slitting Line
  • • Tin Knocker TK1624 16 Gallon Slitter
  • • Rotoflex VLI-400/P Slitter Machine
  • • Cameron 354 Duplex Slitter System
  • • Contech Compusheeter CS-40 Slitter Machine
  • • Yoder Sheetmetal Coil Slitting Line

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Common Trailer Types Available from Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers specializes in hauling heavy loads such as construction equipment, oil field rigging and Super Loads. We are wideload experts! We offer an extensive range of trailer choices, including:


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